Amazon: ecco la skill di Alexa dedicata ad "Un click per la Scuola" thumbnail

Amazon: here is the Alexa skill dedicated to “One click for the School”

From today, thanks to the new Skill of AlexaOne click for the School‘, it is possible to participate in the initiative of the same name with a simple voice command Amazon in support of Italian schools. Through the skill, customers will be able to choose or modify which school to support, and check the virtual credit that Amazon has donated to the chosen school, thanks to their purchases.

Amazon improves One Click for School thanks to Alexa

The choice to introduce a new one Alexa skill as an alternative to the official site was born for facilitate the entire donation process in favor of Italian schools. Owners of devices with integrated Alexa will now be able to simply say: “Alexa, open One Click for School”, and be guided by the voice. Furthermore, by registering for the initiative, from the dedicated website or from the skill, it is possible to receive the first 90 days of subscription for free Amazon Music Unlimited, upon registration to the service.

Amazon will donate, in the form of virtual credit, a percentage of the value of each purchase to the chosen school. The selection of purchases eligible for donation includes products sold by Amazon, as well as all products made available by sales partners, including beyond 18,000 Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, including the excellence of Made in Italy.

During the first two months of the third edition of the initiative, the virtual credit accumulated by the Italian schools enrolled in the initiative has already exceeded 700 thousand euros and is ready to be used to select, and receive free of charge, computer equipment, teaching material, or anything else the school needs, from a catalog of over 1000 products.

On the site it is also possible to access theAmazon Digital Lab, a unique digital space where students and teachers can view and use the numerous content available (including a selection of digital resources such as video tutorials, audiobooks and Audible podcasts) and a dedicated coding kit.

The previous editions of “One click for the School” saw the participation of over 28,800 schools, to which Amazon donated a virtual credit of 5.9 million Euros.

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