Battlefield 2042: how to level weapons fast

In this guide we will reveal all the tricks and tips to quickly level up weapons in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield is finally back in the FPS landscape. After 3 years of waiting since the last chapter, it is now released for all platforms Battlefield 2042, the new shooter from DICE, which this time chooses to focus mainly on multiplayer, providing modes for all tastes that also refer to the old titles of the saga. Given the competitive nature of the title, we thought we’d provide some advice on how to quickly level weapons within Battlefield 2042, as it will take a lot of grinding to be able to unlock all the components and accessories of a weapon, not to mention. of the skins.

Play against bots

Make the first few games against bots it is certainly the fastest way to unlock the first accessories. This will allow you to unlock the first additional parts for weapons, but it will only be worth it at the beginning. The different parts of each weapon will unlock as you accumulate experience points with a weapon by making kills, and luckily killing bots will be much easier than in official matches.

This system is therefore excellent, since it will allow you to earn experience points and also unlock some weapons and vehicles to customize during the first hours of the game. Unfortunately, after the first few games, you will no longer receive experience points and new weapon parts, and you will have to switch to real multiplayer battles.

Battlefield 2042: how to level weapons fast

Play in small maps – Battlefield 2042: how to level weapons fast

To speed up the kill process necessary to level the weapons in Battlefield 2042 it will be worth playing the Rush mode. In this mode you will compete in very small maps with more frenetic rhythms and kills that happen more often than any other Battlefield 2042 mode.

In this way, in fact, you will be able to have more opportunity to face human opponents and with a little skill and luck you will be able to get many more kills than the other modes. If, on the other hand, you feel like playing the Conquest, then try playing within maps like Discarded and Kaleidoscope, which allow you to come face to face with the enemy much more often than other maps in the game.

Battlefield 2042: how to level weapons fast

Stay Close to Map Goals – Battlefield 2042: How to Level Weapons Quickly

On larger maps, especially the Conquest mode, try to stay always close to the hottest targets, such as a point to be won that is often disputed between the two teams. Although the dangers in these areas are greater, since it will be easy to be surprised by groups of enemies or to be taken from behind, if you can position yourself well and make the most of your weapons, you can do a lot of kills, given the certainty of constantly finding opponents.

If the target in question is located in a edifice, then it is to be preferred over those in the open field, since it will be easier ambush to unsuspecting opponents (be careful because the opposite will also apply) and find shelter from attacks by enemy vehicles and snipers. An example of these objectives to be preferred are the C1 in the map Renewal and the D1 and D2 in Orbital.

Battlefield 2042: how to level weapons fast

Shoot first

At the end of this guide on how to level weapons in Battlefield 2042, they remain alone some advices to optimize this long process. Always try to cooperation with your companions; especially when you attack crowded targets you will easily find yourself outnumbered if you tend to be lone wolves. With experience you will also learn a learn more about the maps and to understand what will be the best approach to follow in approaching a goal.

Our guide ends here, but if you are interested you can take a look at some tips to start playing or a practical guide for the mouse settings, if you are playing from PC. Let us know if this guide has served you and as always do not forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and beyond. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.