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Amazon holds the “key” to thousands of condominiums in the US

Amazon launched the system in the United States Key for Business, which allows Amazon bellboys to enter condos without having to ring to deliver the packages. An incentive program aims to install as many as possible. And the consent of all condominiums is not required.

Amazon Key for Business gives the key to thousands of condominiums

In thousands of buildings across the United States, bellboys don’t have to find the right doorbell and then ring before entering the lobby. In fact they can have temporary access to the building thanks to the Amazon Flex app, who use Amazon’s gig economy deliveries for deliveries. At this point they can go up to the floor to deliver the package directly to the residents or leave the package at the concierge or in a mail room.

Amazon had already presented this program in 2019, when it had carried out a first test saying that the success of the deliveries is it was around 96-98%. But the pilot tests evaluate the effective delivery, they do not take into account the opinions of those who live in these buildings. And apparently neither does the Key for Business regulation. In fact, it seems that the agreement with Amazon can only be done by the condominium administrator, who can obtain the installation of theand free locks and $ 100 Amazon shopping voucher. Ma he has no obligation to notify anyone of the condominiums that the system is in use.

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This lack of transparency, reported by some test members to the Associated Press, raises a lot of hesitation about the system. Even though the delivery guys are vetted by Amazon, many users report security concerns. But Amazon is pushing for this system, offering free installations by partnering with a few locksmiths in the United States. Amazon did not disclose precise numbers nor prospects for the future but the AP has detected “thousands” of buildings with the Key for Business system.

The system for Amazon has the double advantage of accelerating delivery times and provide a competitive advantage. Not many condominiums will install more electronic locks and the fact that Amazon is willing to provide them for free benefits them.

For the moment it does not appear that Amazon wants to expand this test outside the US. We will keep you posted. You can learn more about Key for Business from the official website.

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