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PS Plus: February 2023 games leak included with subscription

As with a seasonal ailment, PS Plus loses its nose: here are the games of February 2023, according to a leak on Twitter

By now you too know the trend by heart: if Nintendo, with all its secrecy, is not exempt from leak and rumor, what will he ever do PS Plus towards upcoming games a February 2023? The answer can be guessed in the following lines. Naturally, the “fantastic four” added to the catalog must first be cataloged properly. This is the offer for the rank Essential, and as tradition dictates, the quartet will replace the same number of games in the current library. Our source, in this case, is a tweet from a Dealabs contributor, “car car-only”, already prolific and reliable in the past.

Kill billbil-kun: the messenger of the leak strikes again with PS Plus titles for February 2023

The month of February, again according to the post in question, seems to promise to accompany PS Plus users towards a crackling end of winter. The only title to be (for now, let’s assume) exclusive to PS4 is Mafia Definitive Edition. Beyond the “thirteenth hangar”, however, the remaining three are usable both on “last-gen” platforms (a term we reluctantly use) and on PS5. The triptych in question, in the case, consists of Destiny 2: Beyond Lightin Evil Dead: The Game and, last but certainly not least, OlliOlli World. We let you consult the post concerned.

These games, as part of the Essentials rank, will be available to all subscribers. In other words, subscribers to the Extra and Premium versions will also be able to use them. In case the reminder in the tweet above wasn’t enough, we will be happy to echo it: the availability period for the four titles will start on February 7th and it will end on the 6th of March. It goes without saying that, as with their predecessors, these too will have to be “brushed” properly before time runs out. After all, speedrunners are not always born: sometimes they become one. Partly out of passion and, why not, sometimes out of necessity as well.

Now it’s up to you to have your say: what do you think of the (potential) buffet? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.

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