Amazon wants to open physical department stores

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Amazon continues to grow and to support this growth it focuses on new openings of department stores. The American e-commerce giant, in fact, aims to open one series of department stores in the United States. The goal is to push the sales of products in specific categories such as clothing, electronics and household products. According to the Wall Street Journal, the first Amazon department store openings are expected to occur in Ohio and California.

Amazon focuses on warehouses to further grow in the US

For some time now, Amazon has been present with a series of physical stores in the USA. In particular, the company can count on shops for books and groceries as well as on “pop-up” stores in 13 American states. In addition, Amazon has launched a few months ago Amazon One, the service that allows you to pay at the cash desk with the recognition of the palm of your hand and the payment method associated with your Amazon account.

The characteristics of the new stores

The Amazon branded department stores should develop over an area of ​​approx 3 thousand square meters. The new Amazon stores will offer products from various categories. A leading role could be played by the products of the Amazon brands that have long represented an important reference for the company’s online sales.

More details on Amazon’s projects will arrive in the coming weeks. For the moment, in any case, there are no plans to expand into Europe through the construction of department stores.