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Amazon working on a sports streaming app

It seems that Amazon is focusing on sports streamingbringing exclusive content to Prime Video in a dedicated app. The development of the application is just beginning, but it could indicate the intention of the American giant to buy the rights to other leagues around the world.

Amazon is working on a sports streaming app

In Italy, Prime Video sports content does not yet have the impact it has in Anglo-Saxon countries. Many Italian users use the streaming service especially for follow a Champions League match on Wednesday.

But in England Amazon bought the rights to the Premier Leaguein the United States has the rights to the major football league, the NFLas well as some baseball teams such as the New York Yankees. And now it seems that Amazon wants to take this Prime Video content and put it all in another sports app.

champions league prime videoPrime Video has the rights to one Wednesday Champions League match

There aren’t many details about the app right now. Nor if Amazon will stop current sports programming on Prime Video. But this focus seems to suggest that it wants to invest new resources in streaming sports, perhaps even expanding to other leagues of different sports.

This move by Amazon is part of the trend of tech giants focusing on sports, which is changing the streaming schedule in the United States. Apple in June it announced the agreement with the Major League Soccer for the next ten years, in addition to the one already announced for the Baseball. And it looks like YouTube will show the matches of theNFL on Sundays for 2023.

It seems that the Silicon Valley giants, instead of focusing only on original content like Netflix, want to use sport to attract users to their streaming platform.

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