LG’s transparent OLED TV could arrive in 2024

Il TV OLED trasparente di LG potrebbe arrivare nel 2024 thumbnail

That the LG are interested in producing a TV OLED transparent it is certainly not a mystery, but the decision to launch it in 2023 foundered, moving the goal to 2024.

Will LG really create a transparent OLED TV?

The intentions are all there, so much so as to push the South Korean multinational to announce it for 2023 at the beginning of 2022, but probably the drop in global demand for consumer electronics, including televisions, has led the company to desist.

However the idea persists, thinking of a OLED da 55” which when turned on would look like a real television, while when turned off it should simply show the wall, thanks to the transparency of its glass.

Yet, despite the announcements, production has not even started, remaining at an embryonic stage. Apparently the difficulty would not lie in creating the panel, but in integration with the functionality of a real television.

In fact, LG has already launched its own transparent screen, the LG OLED Transparent Touch, designed for business solutions and not for the generalist market.

Therefore, the potential obstacles that a similar project would put in front of LG engineers are well understood: a television is not just a black screen, but a real technological microuniverseespecially if we think of the models smart.

So where to insert the audio and video inputs, the decoders directly integrated into the TV and the relative sockets?

Therefore, finding accommodation that is functional and aesthetically pleasing for the general public is not exactly an easy task. And this probably also had a huge influence on the date shift from 2023 to 2024.

However, it must be specified that LG is certainly not the first electronics company to think of a transparent television. In 2020 Xiaomi launched a 55” OLED TV called Mi Lux, sold exclusively in the domestic market.

It will be interesting to see how LG thinks about the development of its transparent OLED TV in the near future and who knows if it really arrives in 2024.

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