AMD EPYC: prestazioni al top secondo Cloud Linux, Diaway e Cloudflare thumbnail

AMD EPYC: top performance according to Cloud Linux, Diaway and Cloudflare

The value and performance of solutions based on CPU AMD EPYC are confirmed by a independent research conducted by Cloud Linux and Diaway and from a post published by Cloudflare. These are two important testimonials that certify the quality and performance of the solutions created by AMD.

The processors AMD EPYC pass the Cloud Linux and Diaway tests

According to Cloud Linux and Diaway tests, AMD EPYC processors surpass the proposals of direct competitors. The survey highlighted the excellent performance of the company’s solutions. It should be noted that the reduced energy consumption and operating costs are also highlighted.

Single-socket servers and second-generation AMD EPYC-based dual-socket servers exhibited a higher performance and performance per watt ratio than other competitive solutions tested. Third-generation solutions have proven to be the undisputed leaders in the 32- and 48-core server categories.

The tests performed were designed to simulate real-world workloads recorded by CSP partners. These tests involved various web server applications to measure both hardware and software performance. The entire survey is available on the Cloudlinux official portal.

Cloudflare’s post

Cloudflare, in a recent post on his site, announced of having chosen AMD EPYC 7713 PU CPUs after noting that the performance per Watt of Intel’s processors was “inexpensive”. AMD’s processors guaranteed a 29% performance increase over the previous generation without increasing power consumption.

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