Fortnite: all the news of season 8 between cubes and symbionts

Fortnite: tutte le novità della stagione 8 tra cubi e simbionti thumbnail

Fortnite has just entered its eighth season of content and now the game island has been filled with cubes. It is no coincidence that this new season is simply called “cubed” and is directly linked to what we saw in the seventh. The cubes in question would in fact be part of the alien mother ship of last season, now free to create destruction without any restraint. Let’s take a look at what awaits us in Fortnite season 8.

Fortnite: season 8 of the battle royale arrives

As with all seasons of Fortnite, the eighth also comes along with a plethora of new weapons and maps, and this time there will even be a portal capable of teleporting players into the kingdom more than monstrous creatures to defeat. The first noteworthy change however lies in the map, quite different from how the players remembered her in the seventh season.

To make matters worse, now the game map is littered with cubes, or the remains of the alien mother ship, which have had devastating effects on the surrounding world to say the least. One of these effects are the portals to the ViceVerse, the dimension of monsters, which once defeated can reward players with a new line of weapons, such as the ViceVerso rifle and ViceVerso machine gun.

There will also be a themed collaboration Marvel, with the arrival of symbionts in the game Venom e Carnage in game. These two symbionts will allow players to grab enemies and glide through special membranes. Ideal for entering the monstrous mood of the season.

Finally, a last news of season 8 is the Points tabs. Each player will receive one when they log in for the first time in Fortnite Season 8. Thanks to these cards you can collaborate with the various NPCs by completing various missions to find out what is happening in the Kevolution structure or to investigate the OI.

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