AMD “reveals” its vision of the gaming laptop

AMD fa intravedere i nuovi CPU per laptop da gaming thumbnail

Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMDdoes not go for the subtle and anticipates through the bureaucratic paperwork just published the arrival of CPUs designed for “extreme performance” gaming laptop which are identified with the sober name of “Dragon Range”.

AMD’s 2023 is for gaming, on both laptops and desktops

This is not a real announcement, however this “spoiler” is completely legitimate and official. Like many peer companies, AMD is also making efforts to illustrate to its investors i financial results for the first quarter of 2022 and commercial forecasts for the immediate future. The presentation proposed internally, however, was intercepted by Ian Cutress, who quickly uploaded it to his profile Twitter.

The slides shared with the world explore in detail the CPU outputs related to the Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 series, replacing the Ryzen 5000. By the end of 2022, AMD will bring “Raphael” CPUs to the market, dedicated to the desktop sector, then 2023 will open with the “Phoenix” and the already mentioned “Dragon Range”respectively designed for thin laptops and those optimized for gaming.

The issue was investigated by The Verge, a test that came to provide some specific technical details on the CPUs involved. According to the revelations of the newspaper, the Dragon Range will have a TDP of> 55 watts and will be designed for laptops with a thick body more than 20mm. The components will be optimized for those computers that spend most of their lives plugged into an electrical outlet, however the company’s marketing director, Robert Hallock, assures that the power consumption of the processors will be low, if not competitive.

The product will therefore be equipped with a basic PCIe 5 architecture with DDR5 RAM, but Curtess has suggested some compatibility with LPDDR5 RAMs is expected. As for Phoenix, we know that they are CPUs dedicated to thin 35-45 watt TFP laptops and that they will be AMD’s first choice for LPDDR5 RAM. Now all that remains is to wait for the formalization of everything, in the hope that the ever-eternal semiconductor crisis will not complicate the launch.

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