Ammagamma: presented Aware, artificial intelligence for predictive management

Ammagamma presents Aware, a solution with artificial intelligence for predictive warehouse management, let’s find out

Completed byInnovation Unit from Ammagamma, the novelty is Aware. It was born thanks to the experience gained by the company on projects by demand forecasting and of inventory optimization. Aware is a web application designed to support i responsible from warehouse in procurement of commodity goods. All this according to the demand for products expected for the following weeks.

Ammagamma: presented Aware, artificial intelligence for predictive management

What is it about?

The feature that makes it special is certainly the endowment of intelligence artificial, l’expandability and the extreme customization. The platform can be customized during the setup phase by inserting reordering rules, supplier peculiarities and specific business constraints.

Aware, the new software from Ammagamma, is a ‘cloud application Well yes integra with existing management systems without requiring too expensive interventions by IT staff. Aware allows you to view inside one screen reorder suggestions by ordering them by priority. Nevertheless, the warehouse manager will keep theautonomy decision making with a more accurate assessment ability.

Giovanni Ancesci, Head of Innovation di Ammagamma he commented on the release of the software:

Aware provides companies with a set of mathematical tools capable of predicting market demand with a very high degree of accuracy. Increasing the forecasting capacity is a fundamental building block for today’s industry. It also generates multiple benefits such as a net increase in responsiveness and effectiveness in responding to market needs, a more efficient service for customers, better production processes, optimization of logistics and reduction of waste.

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