Waluigi: back on Mario Kart Tour as a vampire

Nintendo fans and Halloween addicts, get ready to celebrate because dear Waluigi lands on Mario Kart Tour as a vampire

That’s right, you got it right, Waluigi will be among the playable characters of Mario Kart Tour with a skin really Halloween themed as he will be dressed as a vampire. The news came from official Twitter profile of the game with a lot of attached video that showed other nice news, but let’s go on calmly.

Waluigi: the eternal “excluded” returns to Mario Kart Tour

It lanky most unpleasant and disturbing of all time, Waluigi of course, is therefore back behind the wheel thanks to this latest update for Mario Kart Tour while wearing cylinder e coat as well as driving a bat-shaped vehicle complete with giant wings!

His medium (called Vampire Flyer) but it is not the only one to be Halloween themed since also the our dear plumber and his nice friends they skilfully juggle karts in the shape of pumpkin, spider and all that is needed for a Halloween as real players.

The event is active and it will last until November 3rd so hurry up if you want to play a game also because, and this is good, Nintendo has fixed some bugs which prevented Android users from accessing races.

Now the next step is to play it again also on Super Smash Bros., but remember that you can always use the partner of Wario also on some sports chapters, the various Mario Party and also other racing titles like Double Dash !!

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