An AI chatbot to simplify shopping on Amazon

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Given the spread of generative artificial intelligence, too Amazon is about to launch its own AI chatbot that will simplify ecommerce searches. This was reported by Bloomberg, which discovered a series of job advertisements in which the American giant seems to be looking for people able to “reimagine Amazon Search” with “a new interactive conversation experience that helps you find answers to questions about products, perform product comparisons, receive personalized product recommendations, and much more.”

After Google and Microsoft, Amazon is also entering the world of AI chatbots

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Just last week, Google showed off how its new Search Generative Experience, based on artificial intelligence, can guide the user in purchasing products. All starting from a simple search on the net. Even Microsoft, with Bing Chat, is rewriting the history of AI chatbots, taking advantage of the GPT-4 engine that also powers the very popular ChatGPT.

In short, as The Verge writes, it seems that Amazon does not want to miss this train. Despite these premises, however, it is not clear when and how the Amazon chatbot will see the light.

What is certain is that Amazon is investing in AI as much as other Big Techs, although it does so without too much noise. After all, we’re all waiting for some form of integration with Alexa that could revolutionize the role of the voice assistant in our homes.

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