Apple registers the xrOS trademark for its headset

Apple registra il marchio xrOS per il proprio visore thumbnail

Apple registers xrOS trademark for headset operating system it is launching at WWDC 2023. The eXtended Reality software will join macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS among the operating systems Apple programmers will need to keep in mind for develop your own apps.

Apple xrOS, the operating system branding for the XR headset

In 2017 we first discovered the existence of rOS, Apple’s augmented reality operating system, designed for Apple’s first headset (never released) with AR functionality. According to this leak, the glasses allegedly had a 5nm chip, a model code T288 and they would be called Apple Glasses o Apple Glass.

We later found out that Apple was planning to launch a first Mixed reality AR/VR headset (perhaps called Reality Pro) and that rOS would handle it. Then, last year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed what the real name of the operating system would be Extended Reality Operating System o “xrOS”.

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Credit: Phone Arena

The reason the name starts with “Extended” is because the headset it would support both VR and AR. Virtual reality (VR) creates immersive experiences, while augmented reality (AR) shows the user a view of the real world with computer-generated elements added on top.

The trademark was not registered by Apple directly, but by a shell company that used the san francisco fontApple’s classic for all its products.

The headset should arrive during the WWDC 2023 in less than a month, with the new operating system to move it. The expected price of $3,000 will make the device accessible mainly to programmers, but in the near future Apple will aim to launch other headsets to expand its market.