An augmented reality journey into the world of Daft Punk

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Snapchat’s Paris-based AR Studio has partnered with Daft Punk’s creative team to celebrate the special release of Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition on Friday, May 12, 2023. AR Studio will bring to life ” Daft Punk: Memories Unlocked”, an unprecedented series of augmented reality experiences dedicated to fans around the world.

Daft Punk: Memories Unlocked, the augmented reality dedicated to fans

To celebrate this highly anticipated anniversary edition, the AR Studio has created three immersive music-themed AR-based experiences for fans and Snapchatters, available exclusively on Snapchat.

These take advantage of Snap’s innovative augmented reality technologies – such as Marker Tech and Image Code, which can be activated simply by scanning an image – or features that enable geo-targeted experiences that can only be accessed in specific places in the world.

“When we met with Daft Punk’s creative and management team earlier this year, we immediately recognized their interest in augmented reality. This technology allows us to enrich the experience of using a work of art and to create innovative and creative interactions between an artist and his audience. We have worked very collaboratively with the Daft Punk team and can’t wait for fans to discover the AR experiences created to celebrate the cult album Random Access Memories,” said Donatien Bozon, Director of AR Studio.

AR Experience #1 – Daft Punk’s hidden track in plain sight for 10 years

On Wednesday, May 10 at 9:00 CET, which is 48 hours before the release of the special duo anniversary edition, the track “Horizon”, originally featured on the Japanese version of the 2013 album, will be revealed to the rest of the world via the Snapchat augmented reality lenses. Fans will be able to use Snapchat’s camera to scan the original Random Access Memories album cover art, reveal a new crystal helmet through an AR Lens, and listen to “Horizon,” which has been hidden in the silver and gold helmet for over 10 years. years! Also, by turning the camera, Snapchatters will be able to don the crystal helmet while listening to the song.

How does it work?

Snapchatters and fans will be able to activate the experience on May 10, 2023 by following the steps below:

  • Open the Snapchat camera
  • Point your smartphone and scan the silver and gold helmet on the original artwork of the Random Access Memories album (vinyl, cd, streaming platforms)
  • The new Crystal Helmet will appear full-sized in AR above the album and the song “Horizon” will start playing
  • Turn the Snapchat camera towards your face to put on the helmet
  • Finally, take a Snap and post it to your Story or Spotlight to share with your closest friends.

AR Experience #2 – Treasure hunt in 10 cities around the world

A scavenger hunt will be launched in 6 iconic locations around the world on Thursday 11 May. The GPS coordinates will be posted on the duo’s various social media channels to give fans clues as to where in the world to find these 10 new and exclusive AR experiences created by Snap’s AR Studio.

The following 10 cities will host this unique experience: Paris (France), New York (USA), Los Angeles (USA), London (UK), Liverpool (UK), Berlin (Germany), Mexico City (Mexico), Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia).

How does it work?

Fans and Snapchatters will be able to activate the experience on May 11, 2023 by following these steps:

  • Follow the band’s social media channels
  • Appointment on May 11th at 10 am local time (in all 10 cities) in the place announced by the GPS coordinates closest to you
  • Open the Snapchat camera, making sure Snapchat geolocation is enabled
  • Open the “Daft Punk” Lens that appears in the Lens carousel.
  • Enjoy the experience specifically and share it with your closest friends via Snapchat messages and/or by posting it within your Story or Spotlight.

AR Experience #3 – Augmented Billboards: Introducing the new Daft Punk helmet created with augmented reality

From 11 to 28 May 2023, in 6 countries around the world, the public will be able to discover the duo’s new crystal helmet created for the 10th anniversary through a vast out-of-home billboard campaign. By scanning the QR code on the billboard, fans and Snapchatters will be able to access the new AR Lens featuring the song “Horizon” 6 countries will offer the public the opportunity to try out the new helmets, namely Paris, New York, Los Mexico, Sydney, London, Liverpool and Berlin.

How does it work?

  • Go to sponsored locations
  • Open the smartphone camera
  • Scan the QR code on the billboard
  • You will be redirected to your Snapchat camera
  • The new crystal helmet will appear in giant format and in augmented reality above the album and the song “Horizon” will start playing
  • Turn the Snapchat camera towards your face to try on the helmet
  • Share the experience with your close friends via Snapchat messaging and/or post to your Story or Spotlight.