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Reinova: presented TOM, the “trolley” moped

Here comes TOM, the “trolley” moped by Reinova and ToMove. The moped can be compacted and placed in the trunk of any passenger car. Natural materials have been favoured, such as aluminum and bamboo

The Reinova project was born from an idea by REI Lab srl, Unindustria RE and the REI Foundation, with the support of important financial partners such as Intesa San Paolo. Reinova is an innovation hub that works alongside the Premium, Luxury, SuperCar and Hypercar automotive companies, and local SMEs. This is to guide and accompany them in the challenges that the transition to electrification brings with it. With a constant spirit of renewal, the company is ready to lead mobility towards a future of evolutionary innovation and transformation. In the last few hours, the innovative TOM, the transportable moped, was presented.

Reinova: presented TOM, the "trolley" moped

Details of the new TOM moped by Reinova and ToMove

TOM, the innovative electric moped that can be compacted to be transported like a trolley, is ready to enter the market. The vehicle’s performance will be modulated according to the need to favor range or speed. Thanks to the support of Reinova, a team specialized in the development, testing and validation of hybrid and electric powertrains, the young start-up ToMove will continue the TOM project. Project financed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that will be launched on June 6th on the Kickstarter platform.

The new TOM moped allows for the constant availability of a fast, agile and zero-emission means of transport. With the ability to be recharged via any standard outlet. Furthermore, thanks to its small size and low weight, it can be placed inside the trunk of any car. TOM, with an autonomy of 50 km, uses a TCU, gearbox control unit, able to offer highly flexible management of the parameters. In fact, thanks to this solution it is possible to customize the behavior of the vehicle according to the user’s preferenceschoosing between higher speed and greater range in kilometers or miles.

An innovative project

The powertrain installed on the TOM is part of an innovative Circular Economy project which envisages the production of the vehicle, secondary components and battery in Italy.

In this way we can guarantee a high level of quality

explains the CEO of Reinova and president of ToMove Giuseppe Corcione,

together with a particular attention to environmental sustainability. We are strongly convinced that Made in Italy represents one of the fundamental elements of the TOM project, both in terms of design and production and manufacturing.

The startup team, made up of designers and engineers, for the development of their first vehicle, he focused on the use of natural and recyclable materials such as aluminum and bamboo. Finally, the product is built with interchangeable shells allowing the user to customize it with many different colors and patterns. The Turin startup ToMove, born just a year ago thanks to the synergy with Reinova, wants to develop sustainable vehicles that can guarantee the flexibility of the right means of transport in the last mile. Providing people with an agile way to move within cities and reducing the environmental impact caused by overcrowded urban vehicles.

About the innovative financing method through crowdfunding Andrea Strippoli, CEO of ToMove, comments:

This is an excellent and modern way of fundraising for our project. But that’s not all: with this form of self-financing it is possible to test the market for our vehicle, analyzing the trend in demand.

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