Autev’s fleet of robots brings charging where you park

Autev, la flotta di robot che ti portano la ricarica al parcheggio thumbnail

He thinks about recharging anxiety Autevthe fleet Of robot that take you there Jack al parking. We approach the 2035with the uncertainty: electric yes, electric no. But above all the concern is running out of battery. In short, the fear we have with today’s cars, when we are in reserve and we can’t find a petrol station nearby, will be so with the charging stations tomorrow.

Thankfully, the robotics industry is making leaps and bounds and pulls off robotwho are able to locate the car e run a recharge it. Of course, all this technology raises another question: has the era of columns already gone?

The answer is noindeed i robot they are proposed by the companies that are designing and testing them as an extra service. Another question: therefore, someone on the market would be enough, where does the need to manufacture charging robots come from?

Here too, we motorists dictate the answer with our needs. That’s it Autevwith her fleet of robots answers this last question. Above all, it offers an exclusive service for remittances.

Autev, the fleet of robots that never leave you without recharging

I robot Autev I am nati from the idea of serve independently the cars electric at i parking lots. As the number of electric vehicles on our roads increases, so does the need to find charging points at car parks.

So here comes the idea of ​​having parking operators use charging robots Autev arriving at people’s cars. The project comes from a Seattle-based start-up.

Autev, the fleet of robots that bring you charging to the car park, site source

Autev, how it works

Basically, the Autev robot is a large battery on wheels. It drives itself to a user’s electric car (or other type of electric vehicle) when called by that person via an app. That vehicle can be placed in any parking space within the garage, dedicated not only to electric vehicles.

Once the robot Autev the customer arrives co-worker simply his cable Of recharge at the porta Of recharge of your own vehicle. He then leaves him to do work while he runs errands and much more.

Upon return, theuser unplugs the robot cable, allowing him Of return at his own charging station inside the garage. Se the user become soon and wanted to walk via before charging is complete, it can reduce the desired charging capacity via the app or simply manually unplug the robot cable.

The CEO/Co-Founder of Autev, Osama AlSalloumin a note reports that the robot supports DCFC fast charging technology ed it is capable of charging up to six cars before needing to recharge itself.

At this point, with the testing phase well underway, the company hopes that Autev’s fleets will be commercially available to garage operators by Q1 next year. The operators they will pay a rate monthly and will receive revenue from both customer charging rates and bot advertising.