And Just Like That 2: the return of Kim Cattrall

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And Just Like That 2 is returning to Italy this summer on Sky and Now and if there wasn’t much anticipation for this season at first, the news of Kim Cattrall’s return for a cameo has made everything more interesting

And Just Like That 2 is the second season of the revival of the Sex and the City series, a not so successful attempt to keep alive the cult that has spread over the years from Carry and her friends in New York. Season 1 was pretty dull ecNot one major absentee: Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall who had stated she wasn’t interested in returning to the revival.

And Just Like That 2: the return of Kim Cattrall

Also for this absence, the fans of the series were not very happy with the revival which actually made them feel a great void, especially for the way in which his absence was justified. In fact, in the first season Carry exchanged messages with Samantha suggesting that the group and she had quarreled a fact that obviously collapses the myth of the union of the four women from the beginning of the original series.

Now, however, Kim Cattrall herself has confirmed her cameo in the second season on Twitter, apparently in the finale, which therefore suggests that there is a sort of recovery of the group. The details of his return are still unknown, whether it will be real within the group or via video or phone call, but it certainly makes this second season more interesting. The character of Samantha has left a great void within this format, above all because she gave rhythm to the episodes thanks to her personality, her jokes and her irreverent role.

And Just Like That 2 will be broadcast on Sky and Now from 23 Junethus starting the full-blown summer, who knows if perhaps this season will be able to stitch up the defects of the first.

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