Only Murders in the Building: all the reasons to recover the series

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Available on Disney+; here are all the reasons to recover the tv series Only Murders in the Building. The unconventional, ingenious and brilliant comedy crime drama, created and performed by Steve Martin, together with the protagonists Selena Gomez and Martin Short

What could possibly bind a young girl and two elderly tenants of a monotonous elegant apartment building on the Upper West Side? The answer is simple: the boundless passion for new generation mystery and true crime. It looks like thisì Only Murders in the Building the most brilliant and unconventional TV series available on the Disney+ platform.

Acclaimed by the public and critics, it represents a real breath of fresh air for all fans of mystery and crime; eager to touch new heights of crime drama; mixed with a good dose of modern black comedy. Created by the great and well known Steve Martin (of which he is also the protagonist) together with the collaboration of John Hoffman; sees leading actor Martin Short and the millennial icon, Selena Gomez.

Let’s find out in this dedicated special all the reasons to recover Only Murders in the Building.

5-The narrative expedient | Reasons to recover Only Murders in the Building

We begin with this dedicated special, with the incentive at the top of the list of good reasons to recover Only Murders in the Building. Ingenious and innovative, it presents a brilliant and engaging writing and storytelling; capable of presenting a forge of creative ideas to the eyes of the viewer. That’s how the tones and colors. typical of comedy, they mix together with the atmosphere of old-fashioned mystery. The mechanisms contained and represented episode after episode; they unfold in a convoluted continuous crescendo of facts and expedients. It results as a cause and effect, a trick well constructed by the authors; able to involve and please the viewer, through a continuous creation of hypotheses and investigations.

They are simple and few narrative devices, with the great potential to create an ever-changing tale, winding around bizarre and convoluted situations. Combined with the fast-paced narrative and under close control of a growing climax; it catapults the spectator himself into the center of doubts and existential dramas outside the box.

Only Murders in the Building: all the reasons to recover the series

4- The psychology and exploration of loneliness | Reasons to recover Only Murders in the Building

The constant that characterizes the series of Only Murders in the Building; is the strong introspective attention given to the characters in the series. In fact; the bitter irony demonstrated in the characters and in the vicissitudes of the three protagonists, are consumed by an assiduous sense of imprisonment and inadequacy in the present time. Not surprisingly, the solitude given to Charles, Oliver and Mabel; it will have a great impact in the weaving of interpersonal relationships, trust in others and the joy of a better future.

The events and the most private aspects of one’s personality are laid bare through the narrative metaphor of the podcast; used as an innovative means, to give voice and scream one’s inner fire. Also in this case, the spectator in first person finds himself catapulted into the center of a continuous whirlwind of emotions and a sense of marginalization. An unexpected depth born of a humanity rich in facets and parallels of life.

Only Murders in the Building: all the reasons to recover the series

3- Generations compared | Reasons to recover Only Murders in the Building

Standing firm to good reasons to catch up on episodes Of Only Murders in the Building; it is easy to identify in the rich facets given, the delicate issue of generational confrontation. As can be seen, the three protagonists (Charles, Oliver and Mabel), represent three different stages of generations e social classes compared; full of ideas and annotations on which to dwell.

Initially reluctant to approach; Episode after episode, Charles and Oliver discover the wealth and delights of the 2.0 generation represented by the young Mabel. Container of joys and pains, through her unleashing way of placing herself and being in the world, she is able to break down the barriers of prejudice pressing on the youth world. Young people are no longer seen as disrespectful, listless or without future prospects, as a vital pivot to move the parallel line of the alchemy of encounter between past and present. Mabel becomes the main representation of the constant balance and meeting point of two distant but similar generations. The desire to learn from the great icons of the past, the influence and nostalgia of the old style; are represented by the continuous curtain of confrontation and generational growth.

Only Murders in the Building: all the reasons to recover the series

2- Beware of inclusiveness | Reasons to recover Only Murders in the Building

Beyond the comical side; there is another peculiarity that strikes the attention in the representation of events: the importance of inclusiveness. It is easy to meet secondary personalities during the episodes, endowed with a large charismatic and characteristic impact, able to give a more personal and multifaceted form. First among all, Theo Dimas (interpreted by James Caverly).

The episode narrated and represented through the eyes and ears of Theo (who came into play in the first season), is a clear example of the attention given to his way of narrating the moments described. Son of Teddy (main sponsor of the Mabel, Charles and Oliver podcast); despite his being deaf, Theo is immediately presented as a person with great wit and attention to surrounding details. With his way of seeing and reproducing the surrounding world according to his perception; manages to overwhelm the viewer’s attention, placing it from the side of his perspective. Besides the great contribution to the unfolding in the narrative acts; the entire episode dedicated to him represents a great step of involvement towards a heterogeneous audience and variegated; in which all are equal and useful without any distinction of gender or belonging.

An experiment of an episode of thirty minutes of pure silence; received with great clamor and attention from the viewing public, combined with the scathing comedy also in the following season.

Only Murders in the Building: all the reasons to recover the series

1-The narrative voice of the truth | Reasons to recover Only Murders in the Building

A great value and one of the good reasons to review the series is the meta-cinematographic richness enclosed within it. With continuous staging RPG; the narrative voice moves constantly outside the visual field, towards the search for the truth of the events. Thanks to the witty and increasingly compelling dialogues (especially in the second season of the series); The omniscient narrator with firm and decisive rhetoric, manages to give voice to thoughts and emotions on the small screen of each character present, through an overlapping of unpredictable narrative coincidences.

A representation and a mixture described as halfway between cinema and theatre; characterized by an implausible and absurd comic explosiveness. The style that is constantly growing and looking for a predominant evolution; favor the richness of humor contained, leaving aside the details considered useless or excessive for the very functionality of the series.

Only Murders in the Building: all the reasons to recover the series


Waiting to see the third season of the series Only Murders in the Building (available on Disney+ from August 8, 2023); in this short special we have listed the main reasons why we recommend recovering the series. Ten simple episodes for each season; represents one breath of fresh air for those looking for an experimental and innovative vein of humourcolored by mystery and detective yellow 2.0.

The initial animations that take up the story, the setting and the characters themselves; they manage to leave you in suspense with each twist represented. The desire to tell everything through the narrative voice of the modern podcast manages to give a functional explanation to the narration towards the audience at home.

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