Teoresi will test its autonomous driving algorithm on the Smart Road circuit in Turin

Teoresi testerà sul circuito Smart Road di Torino il suo algoritmo di guida autonoma thumbnail

Teoresi, an engineering company specializing in cutting-edge technology for smart mobility, and new partner of Torino City Lab, will use the smart road circuit of the Piedmontese capital to test its autonomous driving algorithms in the coming months. These will be integrated into the electric city car Yoyo made by XEVan innovative car manufacturer from Turin too.

The urban circuit Smart Road of Turin it develops in about 35 km, and has been designed to favor the experimentation of connected and autonomous cars. Also thanks to this experience, in 2020, Italy was included in the prestigious Kpmg Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index.

“For Teoresi the city is an area of ​​experimentation of its frontier innovations and with the partners of the territory it wants to promote joint testing activities and develop innovative projects within the Turin ecosystem”, explains Fabio Gadda, Teoresi Group Marketing Program Manager.

Teoresi is implementing various technologies that auto manufacturers will be able to integrate into their vehicles to make them smarter and safer. The cars of the future will in fact be equipped with increasingly sophisticated cameras and sensors (lidar, radar, sonar) that will make it possible to “see” the surrounding environment, but also with embedded software with artificial intelligence algorithms that will allow the car to take autonomy some decisions to support driving, such as choosing to brake to avoid obstacles, or, in more futuristic scenarios, to drive without a driver.

Teoresi “trains” the algorithms for autonomous driving in a virtual environment

To achieve this goal in the medium term, it is necessary to start research and development projects first in simulated environments, then on the road. As for the simulation, Teoresi has created a virtual environment capable of realistically emulating vehicle dynamics and cooperative control strategies. This simulator allows you to “train” the algorithms and test the performance of vehicles in smart road scenarios of realistic traffic. Only in the second phase, these autonomous driving technologies are installed in a real vehicle, which will be tested in the coming months within the Turin City Lab smart road circuit.with the Piedmontese city becoming the headquarters of the new mobility.

Theoresi autonomous driving city car outsideThe electric city car Yoyo made by XEV

The synergy between car manufacturers such as XEV and engineering companies such as Teoresi highlights the fundamental need for vehicle manufacturers to collaborate with companies that have been working for years for the development and application of new technologies, connectivity and functions. The goal, in fact, is common: aendere smart cars increasingly efficient and adapted to the needs of the market, able to move safely on the roads of the future.

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