Doogee S98 Pro: the “alien” smartphone coming in May

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Doogee S98 Pro will arrive on the market at the end of May with thermal camera and a very original design, inspired by aliens

Doogee started 2022 with the Doogee V20, and then continued with a very successful model, the S98. Doogee does not stop though and is now introducing its new S98 Pro, one smartphone rugged con termografiaas a successor to the S98.

Doogee S98 Pro: the "alien" smartphone coming in May

Doogee S98 Pro: evolution with alien DNA

S98 Pro comes to impress with a alien inspired design. The camera protrusion combines the fine lines on the back cover with the shape of the camera to create the figure of an alien.

The new rugged phone is also believed to have better camera setup. Doogee S98 Pro pairs a 48MP main camera with a 20MP night vision camera. Putting everything together with a thermal sensor, we will have a set of cameras capable of capturing images in all possible situations. Night vision detects anything that reflects infrared light, while thermal vision detects anything that emits heat.

The new rugged phone will use the InfiRay terminal sensor. With the highest thermal resolution of 256×192 pixel, offers more than twice the number of pixels than other thermal sensors. Combining this with a high frame rate of 25 fpsproduces images so sharp that it can accurately detect drafts, humidity, leaks, electrical shorts, blockages and high temperatures.

Doogee S98 Pro: the "alien" smartphone coming in May

The latest technology is Dual Spectrum Fusion Algorithm

The most interesting thing about this thermal sensor is a technology called Dual Spectrum Fusion Algorithm. This technology allows you to place the thermal sensor and primary sensor images on top of each other. It will be possible to adjust the transparency level of the thermal details that will be projected on the real image. This will allow you to accurately identify the origin of the thermal radiation.

Doogee S98 Pro: the "alien" smartphone coming in May

The company also confirms that Doogee S98 Pro will be available for purchase in early June. You can learn more about this product from the Doogee S98 Pro official website. We will of course keep you updated with news on the rest of the features as soon as we have them available. That’s all from the mobile devices section, keep following us!

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