Animal Crossing: A user created an island inspired by The Witcher!

A user on Animal Crossing New Horizons created an island inspired by the settings of The Witcher

Si sa, su Animal Crossing New Horizons you can decorate your island as you want, and a user has gone further with creativity: he has in fact tried to reproduce some areas from The Witcher. The popular video game produced by CD Projekt RED has just returned to Netflix with the second season of the homonymous series that sees among the protagonists Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt di Rivia.

Animal Crossing: The Witcher isn’t the only inspiration for gamers

The user who recreated the world of The Witcher on Animal Crossing is called Katrina Rose (@ ButIDigress79) su Reddit: here he shared some videos and images of his island, also taking advantage of the new medieval themed objects included in the DLC Happy Home Paradise (here the review by!), For example the towers and walls of the castle. Katrina also managed to insert elements like the forgia where Geralt arranges and upgrades his weapons, and even the pyres where corpses are burned. Katrina, in the videos uploaded to her Reddit profile, is dressed as Triss Merigold and yes Yennefer (The Witcher inspired clothes can be found in the Custom Patterns Portal via NookPhone).

Trying to stay accurate on my Witcher island from ac_newhorizons

To date, many players have decided to give their island a look they remember film e TV series, as well as places from real life. A girl decided to reproduce the world of Game of Thrones: is called @ snow_hio (Instagram), and has also reproduced almost all the costumes worn by the characters in the series, making them available through his stylist code. Another user, @catland.isle (Instagram), he managed to reproduce the whole Middle Earth, allowing visitors to follow the entire journey of the Fellowship of the Ring from the Shire to Mount Doom. Not to mention the numerous versions of Disneyland present in the game. How is your island? Did you give her a theme? Let us know!

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