Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Lodovica Comello is the new testimonial

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Lodovica Comello is the new testimonial

Lodovica Comello, the well-known host of Italia’s Got Talent, has become the new Nintendo testimonial for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo Italia, thanks to numerous iconic campaigns that have characterized its TV and online communication policy, returns to the fore with an exceptional testimonial. The showgirl Lodovica Comello in fact it is the new face of the latest spot dedicated to the Nintendo Switch family and ad Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The TV presenter is the protagonist of a subject in which we see her enjoying her free and relaxing moments together with Nintendo Switch Lite e Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the first part, Lodovica Comello take advantage of a break in the dressing room, to relax and find some peace of mind before returning to the scene, to visit his personal digital island within the video game, doing some of the main activities that can be undertaken every day in Animal Crossing, such as fishing or gardening . The conclusion of the commercial is instead dedicated to a more familiar sphere, in which a moment of relaxation turns into the perfect opportunity to play and visit her little paradise of digital tranquility with her husband Tomas Goldschmidt.

The commercial highlights the characteristics of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a truly unique gaming experience which simulates a real life to the total sign of tranquility. Once on a desert island, players have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves for start a new life, making it, with the passage of time, exactly as they wish: whether it is by decorating their home, creating new objects or customizing their appearance, or even sharing all their experiences with friends and family. In this peaceful corner they can relax without worries, finding a welcoming virtual refuge for all the moments when they feel down in the dumps or overwhelmed by everyday worries.

Lots of background on the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons commercial

The spot from 30 seconds, was made by the production house Cinestudio. The creativity was taken care of internally by Nintendo itself, while the direction was entrusted to the expert eye of Gian Abrile. The team of Mindshare, the media center of Nintendo Italia, deals with planning on Mass Tv, Paid Tv, Digital and Video on Demand channels. Together instead it takes care of all aspects related to the amplification campaign on social networks.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a unique and innovative game experience, truly suitable for all those who want to disconnect from the daily grind. The choice to involve Lodovica, a career mother who is a reference for many young Italian women, could not have been more suitable for this campaign. His sympathy and spontaneity perfectly communicate the Nintendo Brand, as well as the immersive gaming experience on Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Lodovica Comello is the new testimonial

This is a statement of Stefano Calcagni, Head of Marketing of Nintendo Italy, who seems to be really satisfied with this collaboration. Apparently, however, he seems not to be the only happy person in the commercial. In fact, Lodovica Comello also seems to be really satisfied with the collaboration and stated the following:

I am really happy to be able to partner with Nintendo for such a unique video game as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Between family and work, I always want to enjoy the moments of pause that I dedicate to myself to the fullest: Animal Crossing proved to be a video game absolutely suitable for the purpose! On my virtual island the hours pass in the blink of an eye and I can completely detach my thoughts from worries and the usual daily grind. Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons is really like taking care of a small pocket Zen garden. Now I can’t wait to immerse myself every day in my peaceful little world inhabited by cute animals!

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