Anime Breakfast: Baccano! and non-linear narrative in all its glory

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In this new episode of Anime Breakfast we are going to relive with you Baccano!, the 2007 animated series produced by Brain’s Base: it’s time to make noise with the non-linear narrative par excellence

And after two episodes dedicated to Halloween, one TOP and one FAST, Anime Breakfast returns with its regular episodes dedicated to single, more or less well-known series. In this episode we want to rediscover with you an adaptation, deriving from a light novel by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Katsumi Enami, created by the Brain’s Base studio in 13 episodes. You’ve already seen the title, so there’s no point in continuing to dwell on it. Let’s start this episode of Anime Breakfast dedicated to Baccano! It’s time to make some noise!

Manhattan Bridge ni Kakeru Yume | Anime Breakfast: Baccano!

Noise! it is a work of indelible charm, which breaks any traditional narrative pattern and leads the audience into an engaging chaos, a journey through the 1930s between the Great Depression, prohibition and the rise of the United States to a world power. Everything, however, follows a non-linear narrative: the plot is fragmented, follows different timelines that intertwine and overlap and require, net of everything, an active commitment from the spectators, who must be able to connect the dots on their own to understand the actual plot. An intricate narrative puzzle in which the audience, together with the characters themselves, must connect all the pieces of the puzzle.

At the center of the narrative is the discovery of an elixir of immortality by a family of alchemists, which obviously makes many of the main characters immortal and which begins a series of mysterious events. By jumping back and forth in time, in the intricate crossword we told you about earlier, the narrative reveals details about the past and present of the main characters.

Anime Breakfast: Baccano!  and non-linear narrative in all its glory

Hive no Bruce | Anime Breakfast: Baccano!

The stage for the events is the Treno Flying Pussyfoot (we’re not making this up), and it soon turns red due to a bloody conflict involving thieves, criminals, hitmen and alchemists. Among the criminal gangs we find the Martillo family, the Lemures and the Russos, all seeking control over the elixir of immortality, unleashing a series of intrigues and rivalries. Accompanying this great horizontal plot we also find that of Firo Prochainezo, in search of the truth about the disappearance of his brother Dallas Genoard.

We don’t want to spoil anything because, years after the first viewing of Baccano!, we still remember with nostalgia the various sketches that we had to do in order to really understand something. It will not be easybut it will give you great satisfaction to be able to reconnect all the dots and unravel the threads of this gigantic skein.

Anime Breakfast: Baccano!  and non-linear narrative in all its glory

Utakata no Inori | Anime Breakfast: Baccano!

As mentioned, among the main themes of the series we find immortality, which is obviously followed by important ethical questions on the very nature of this great fortune (or misfortune, who knows), on the practical consequences of the research done to obtain it and on morality of the actions of the immortals themselves. Following, it is also analyzed a lot organized crime and power within gangs characteristic of the 1930s. The series delves quite deeply into the complex dynamics that permeate these organizations, into the rivalries and struggles for power.

Randomness, chaos and noise! they play a significant role in the events of the plot, often leading to unexpected developments and surprising and unexpected connections between characters. Despite this great chaos that permeates much of the story, Baccano! also highlights the importance of human connections. The relationships between the characters, often developing over several decades, form the core of their stories and the choices they make.

Anime Breakfast: Baccano!  and non-linear narrative in all its glory

In the Speak Easy | Anime Breakfast: Baccano!

Many of the characters in the series cannot be classified as “good” or “bad”, thus challenging traditional moral conventions and presenting a long plethora of characters who behave in ambiguous and contradictory ways. Among the most iconic we remember Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, well known for their eccentricity, their good heart, but above all their way of doing comedy. Even though they are criminals, we challenge you to really dislike them.

Vino’s character, Claire Stanfield, is also ambiguous, a young assassin known for her great skills, with a dark and sadistic side, but incredibly attached and fond of her family. Equally loyal are Keith, Berga and Luck Gandor, members of one of the main criminal gangs in the series, strongly linked to each other. But Ladd doesn’t. Ladd Russo is a crazy killer and that’s itdon’t get attached.

Anime Breakfast: Baccano!  and non-linear narrative in all its glory

Gun’s & Roses

In short, let’s close this episode of Anime Breakfast dedicated to Baccano! recommending you watch it. Although it is a decidedly complex series to follow and in which you will have to be very attentive to every detail and every relationship of friendship, strength or love, knowing how to untangle the skein and get to the heart of everything is a truly indescribable feeling. And yes, soon we will also tell you about Durarara!! See you soon.

We remind you that you can catch up on the series on Prime Video. Let us know what you think of Baccano! below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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