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Michelin puts sustainability at the center at Ecomondo 2023

In the twenty-sixth edition of Ecoworldin program from 7 to 10 November 2023, Michelin puts it at the center sustainability.

Michelin focuses everything on sustainability and shows it at Ecomondo 2023

In its hundred-year history, Michelin has successfully managed all mobility sectors through a long series of solutions and innovations. From the development of tires dedicated to various types of road transport vehicles, the products of the Clermont-Ferrand-based company include both certified advice from tourist guides relating to road itineraries, gastronomy and charming hospitality.

The ambition to improve the mobility of its customers is based on a strategy focused on sustainability. The French company’s objective is, in fact, to manufacture completely sustainable tyres by 2050: tires made entirely of materials 100% recycled or renewable.

At the Michelin stand you will find sustainable materials

Nello stand Michelin (C5 102), the opportunity to talk about products with a high percentage of sustainable materials and to delve deeper into topics related to the circular economy. A further confirmation of the Clermont-Ferrand company’s commitment to improving all-round mobility.


Michelin, the king of mobility

Michelin has the ambition to improve the mobility of its customers, in a way sustainable. Leading company in the sector mobilityMichelin designs, produces and distributes tires that meet the needs of its customers, as well as offers services and solutions to improve transport efficiency.

The company also provides digital services, maps and guides to make its customers’ trips and movements unique. Michelin develops high-tech materials that are used in numerous fields. Based in Clermont-Ferrand, FranciaMichelin is present in 175 countries with 132,200 employees and operates 67 tire manufacturing plants, which together produced approximately 167 million tires in 2022.

Present in Italia since 1906, Michelin is today, with over 3700 employees, the first tire manufacturer in the country with two important production plants: Cuneo, car tyres; and Alessandria, truck tyres. The Headquarters is in Torino together with a finished seed production business and an important Logistics Center. Another Logistics Center is located in Rome, while the Commercial Management is in Milan.

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