Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

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Today we’re back to talking about One Piece! In this new episode of the Anime Breakfast Chara sub-column we talk about another of the main characters of the anime and one of the most important of the crew: Zoro!

In case you hadn’t understood from the special episode on Nami, we really love One Piece. This is one of the best anime in history, it’s no coincidence that it still continues after so many years, quasi 30, since that genius Eiichirō Oda began writing and drawing it. Today, however, we talk about Zoro, the right-hand man of the captain of the Straw Hats, second in command. Zoro is one of the most important characters of the anime and is also one of the strongest of the crew, on whom everyone can count.

Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

A promise is a promise | Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

Let’s start with a warning: If you haven’t arrived in Alabasta yet, there will be SPOILERS, so if you haven’t gotten there yet, come back and read when you catch up. Now, let’s start from the beginning. We don’t know Zoro’s past until a certain point in the anime where we can see it with our own eyes, so we’ll start from that point. From an early age, Zoro was trained by samuraiby the master Koshiro. From the beginning, little Zoro demonstrated a great fighting nature and frightening determination. He was the second strongest in the school, all the children were scared by his aggression and strength and no one dared challenge him after the first meeting. His talent was enough to get noticed by his teacher, who recognized his strength and the little boy gained his respect.

However, there was only one opponent that Zoro never managed to defeat: Queen, the daughter of master Koshiro. The girl was extremely skilled with the sword, very stoic and focused in combat that beating her for her little one was impossible. She even started using three swords at once, just to beat her, but he had never succeeded. When he once again sought revenge and Kuina refused, the two began to bond. Kuina thought that one day Zoro would beat her, because biologically men are stronger than women. Zoro disagreed with this, firmly believing in their equality. So the two made a promise: one of them would become the best swordsman in the world. Kuina died the next day, falling down the stairs, and Zoro, destroyed by grief, decided to keep his promise and continue training to become the best swordsman.

Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

The Arrival of Luffy | Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

After Zoro leaves Koshiro’s school, he begins his solo journey, putting into practice the lessons he learned from his teacher. While he was growing up, Zoro begins to massacre pirates, fighting in the name of honor and justice. His stoic and cold demeanor, combined with his aggressiveness in combat, made him an extremely fearsome man, capable of intimidating with a single glance. Over time he became known as the pirate hunter. One day, in a place where the owner and her daughter welcomed Zoro with open arms, Hermeppothe son of captain Morgan, begins to mistreat the two. When Zoro intervenes, the young man orders the guards to capture him and was tied to a post where he could not eat or drink for a month. Zoro accepted this condition on the condition that they no longer disturb the owner of the place and the little girl.

A month passed, but Zoro remained tied. His freedom came only the moment it arrived Monkey D. Luffy, the undisputed protagonist of One Piece. Immediately understanding that he was a pirate, Zoro initially refused his help, but Luffy ignored the refusal and still helped him free himself. Thanks to him, Zoro became a free man again and together they fought against Captain Morgan, who revealed himself to be a corrupt man. After defeating him, Luffy proposes to Zoro to join his crew, which had not yet been created. Despite this, Zoro is a man of honor, who fights for justice and to protect the innocent. Noticing that Luffy also had similar ideals and the same ambition as him, Zoro became the first man of the crew and took the role of second in command.

Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

The best swordsman in the world | Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

During the journey with Luffy, Zoro began to protect the captain by warning him in any situation. As in the case of Nami, noting that she was a thieving and cheating girl, apparently selfish. Or in the case of Usopp, who did nothing but lie. Zoro not only became Luffy’s bodyguard, but his best friend. Zoro began to put his life at risk, first of all for the captain, then, once he gained his trust, for the rest of the crew. The swordsman has always been a great man of honor, protector of the weakest and, although it may not seem so, a man with a tender heart. So tender that he is willing to risk everything to realize his dream of becoming the best swordsman and at the same time defend those he loves and the weakest.

A clear proof was the clash against Drakul Mihawkwhich is known as the best swordsman in the world. In fact, Mihawk is unbeatable, a tremendously skilled swordsman who has cornered Zoro. During their fight, after various attempts by Mihawk to convince Zoro to surrender and give him a quick and painless death, Zoro never gave up. His determination and courage were enough to convince Mihawk to spare him, concluding the fight with two blows to the chest that created a scar. Mihawk purposely left Zoro alive, seeing a great potential In him. One day they will clash again and Zoro will manage to beat him, but the young man still has a lot of work to do to become the best.

Anime Breakfast Chara: One Piece, Zoro and the importance of ideals

A man of honor

We have reached the end of this episode of Anime Breakfast, in which we analyzed the first part of Zoro’s story in the One Piece universe. Although he may appear to be an aggressive and fearful man, Zoro has a big heart and above all it has some ideals which lead him to fight with great determination to achieve his goals. Obviously doing this by helping others, putting his skills as a swordsman at the service of the defenseless and at the same time lending a hand to his crewmates. A tormented and dark character, who hides a great desire for justice and to give love to the world.

The episode ends here! Let us know what you think of the character of Zoro in the comments and continue to follow us on so you don’t miss the next episode of Anime Breakfast, every Sunday morning at 8!

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