Anime Breakfast: Space Dandy and the differences with Cowboy Bebop!

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In this new episode of Anime Breakfast we want to quickly analyze with you what the main differences are between Space Dandy and Cowboy Bebop, two works that bear the same signature and which seem dramatically similar to each other: let’s talk about it

Space Dandy: he’s a dandy guy in space. He combs the galaxy like his pompadour on the hunt for aliens. Planet after planet he searches, discovering bizarre new creatures both friendly and not. These are the spectacular adventures of Space Dandy and his brave space crew in space.


Shinichiro Watanabe, a man, a master, a thousand whys. From this excellent mind several animated series have been created that fans identify as iconic: just think of Cowboy Bebop, which we have already talked about in an episode of Anime Breakfast (you can find it here!), but also of Samurai Champloo (coming him too, I promise…). In this new episode of our Sunday column we want to talk to you about one of the most recent Watanabe series, Space Dandy and its primary differences with what seems like its big brother: Cowboy Bebop. Let’s see what comes out of this examination!

Welcome to the X Dimension! | Space Dandy e le sue differenze con Cowboy Bebop!

First broadcast in Japan in 2014, Space Dandy was produced by the Bones studio and follows the adventures of Dandy, a galactic bounty hunter who travels across the universe in search of rare alien creatures to capture and deliver for a monetary reward. To live, in short. Accompanied by the robot QT and the alien cat Meow, the wacky crew explores different galaxies and has bizarre encounters with a single goal: to obtain the maximum profit possible.

Mainly known and recognizable for its visual style and remembered by all for that carefree and sometimes surreal humor, Space Dandy is made up of twenty-six mostly self-contained episodes, which allows viewers to start following it even from the middle, without necessarily having to follow a linear narrative. There are many genres and themes covered in each episode, from comedy to action, to science fiction, ending with the black humor so dear to Watanabe.

Anime Breakfast: Space Dandy and the differences with Cowboy Bebop!

Fatty but oh so Goody | Space Dandy and its differences with Cowboy Bebop!

Bones was able to create, through its skills and a good budget, a universe full of details and vivid images. All the galaxies and the alien creatures that compose them, as well as each setting, are extraordinarily represented, while the character designs are eclectic and captivating. To accompany the visual style there is also the sound sector which, as in every work by the master Watanabe, is exceptional from every point of view. The series features a variety of musical genres ranging from jazz to hip-hop, contributing to the unique and unrepeatable atmosphere of the series.

If you reread the last few lines and replaced Space Dandy with Cowboy Bebop, let’s face it, it could very well work the same. This is because the two series, which as already mentioned were both created by Watanabe, share many similarities, but are significantly different in tone, plot and, especially, approach.

Anime Breakfast: Space Dandy and the differences with Cowboy Bebop!

Groovy Godzilla | Space Dandy and its differences with Cowboy Bebop!

If on the one hand we have the same directorial pen, which makes them very similar in the search for detail, in the care in writing and in the creation of characters and the effective use of the aforementioned soundtrack to create unforgettable settings, on the other hand Cowboy Bebop is more characterized by a more serious and melancholy tone than Space Dandy, making it more noir. Space Dandy on the other hand is a space comedy, more surreal and light-hearted and with a decidedly light-hearted humor.

Both series are science fiction based and involve space travel and situations related to deeper space, but from this point of view Cowboy Bebop is more “limited”, in the simple sense that it is set in our Solar System. In contrast, Space Dandy involves a heterogeneity of distant galaxies, populations and settings.

Anime Breakfast: Space Dandy and the differences with Cowboy Bebop!

The Lutenist of Limbo | Space Dandy and its differences with Cowboy Bebop!

Finally: the structure of the series. Both productions are mostly composed of self-contained episodes, in which the vertical plot has more impact than the horizontal one. If this is absolutely true in Space Dandy, that indeed it does not present a continuous narrative and can also be used for single episodesthis is not so true of Cowboy Bebop.

Bebop it has a main plot that follows the crew members, which delves into them and also gives them a pretty solid and emotionally impactful background. Each episode therefore, although it narrates vertical events that end at the end of the episode, is connected to the next by the personal events of the protagonists. A greater depth, that given to Cowboy Bebop, which in fact is universally recognized as a cult of Japanese animation precisely for its complexity, depth and emotional charge, which differs from the simplicity of both the themes and characters (often similar to pure comic stereotypes ) by Space Dandy.

Anime Breakfast: Space Dandy and the differences with Cowboy Bebop!

Space Dandy ★ !

In conclusion, while both series are works by Shinichiro Watanabe and share some similarities, Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy also have profound differences that distance them. While the first series is known and universally appreciated for its depth and complexity, Space Dandy is equally appreciated for its greater lightness and its ability to move quickly towards space comedy. Two dramatically different series, although united by a single mind and the universal affection that fans have been able to give them. Both highly recommended!

If you want to catch up on Space Dandy, we remind you that the series is currently available complete in the VVVVID catalogue! Let us know what you think below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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