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Anime Breakfast: the new section of the cinema section! | Bet list

Welcome to this new section of the cinema section of TechGameWorld.com called Anime Breakfast, a weekly corner dedicated to the series, OAVs and films from the animation of the Rising Sun: come and find out, in this dedicated article, what we will cover and above all as!

The world of Japanese animated series gathers, every year, many new fans ready to be overwhelmed by a world full of completely different contents. A rather varied part of entertainment, which manages to give emotions even with single frames and impactful scenes, but also lightness and comedy. In short: entering the world of anime it will be decidedly difficult not to find something that can satiate your palate. And from tomorrow you can also discuss with us series and films from the animation of the Rising Sun!

Starting tomorrow, Sunday 7 May, we will give life to our column entitled Anime Breakfast, with weekly or bi-weekly appointments in which we will go to live or relive with you a series, an OAV or a feature film from the land of the Rising Sun. The articles offered will be mainly special, but there will certainly be no lack of rated reviews, perhaps of some more recent products. The cut, style and address will be different article by article, because all the editorial staff of the cinema section will participate in this section. A work of many hands, but also more heads and more hearts, aimed at making you relive small and large emotions of the past, whether near or far.

Anime Breakfast: the new section of the cinema section!  |  Bet list

Anime Breakfast: the updated index of all the episodes in the column!

Below you will find, gradually, the list of all the episodes of Anime Breakfast.

And that was it: Anime Breakfast starts tomorrow! Let us know what you think of our new column in the comments below and stay tuned with us at TechGameWorld.com for all the news on the subject of cinema and TV series!

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