Annunciata la Switch Retail Edition di Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands

Microids recently announced the Switch Retail Edition of Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands, its new open world ski and snowboard game

Developed by the Swedish studio It’s raining, Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is a open-world ski and snowboard game where you can explore entire mountains, with hundreds of challenges to discover and compete in. With over 8 million players to date, the game finally arrives on Steam and Nintendo Switch. This expanded and reworked version features significantly improved graphics, more realistic AI, local multiplayer, new mountains and much more. By now it is not too long for the release of Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands and as if that were not enough Microids has recently annunciato la Switch Retail Edition.

Lots of content in the physical edition of Grand Mountain Adventure

Recently Microids Indie unveiled the content of the retail edition of Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands for Nintendo Switch. This version of the title is already pre-orderable and in addition to the base game it will also include several very welcome additions. Below you will find all the contents present in this edition of the game:

  • Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands
  • A pin with the game logo
  • Themed stickers
  • Two postcards depicting some ski slopes

Annunciata la Switch Retail Edition di Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands

The digital version of the title will be released March 10 on Nintendo eShop and PC (Steam), but until now not much was known about the physical edition. Fortunately, however, Microids has confirmed that the release of the retail version for Switch of Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands it will coincide with the digital one.

Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands sarà available for PC and Nintendo Switch starting March 10. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Furthermore, in case you want to buy some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Instant Gaming.

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