Nilox and Brickslab together for a new initiative dedicated to schools

Through a press release, Nilox announced that it has started a new collaboration with Brickslab for an initiative dedicated to the school

Nilox is currently one of the most popular brands for outdoor technology. Starting from action cameras, the company then moved on to producing high quality hoverboards, scooters and electric bikes, placing itself on the podium of excellence in the sector. Through a press release, Nilox announced that it has started a new interesting collaboration. The subject in question is Brickslab (the digital content platform for Education created by MR Digital), and the two companies take the field for an initiative dedicated to schools and sustainable mobility. The culture of sustainability is now widespread at a general level and the adoption of consistent behaviors is everyone’s duty to ensure the well-being of both the planet and society. One of the most relevant areas for this purpose is mobility: transport consumes, in fact, a third of all final energy in the European Union and most of this energy comes from oil. Transport is responsible for a large part of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and contributes to a large extent to climate change, as well as being a significant source of air pollution.

A project aimed at upper secondary school students to promote a deeper knowledge of issues related to mobility and its impacts on the environment and to introduce the main concepts of road safety. Not only, the initiative aims to make young users aware, that they make mature choices and know how to develop projects to make the environment in which they live on a human scale, efficient in their services and healthy; for this reason, it is also aimed at developing transversal skills, critical thinking and emotional intelligence, so that individual personal resources can contribute to innovation and the well-being of the whole society. The project is divided into two phases: in the first, the classes that have joined the initiative will follow, thanks to BricksLab, a training course divided into six modules – sustainable mobility; sustainable mobility: case studies; the ideal city; road safety; on the scooter safely: the rules to be respected; move sustainable -, at the end of which students will receive the certificate of “Sustainable mobility specialist”.

Nilox and Brickslab together for a new initiative dedicated to schools

Nilox and Brickslab together for sustainable mobility

In the second phase, the pupils are called to organize themselves in small groups (2-5 participants) to create a project sheet with the aim of sharing the culture of environmental sustainability, bringing other students and / or adults, belonging to an increasingly large community (from friends to families, from their neighborhood to their city or region), to the awareness of being responsible citizens of the environment in which they live and to the knowledge of the principles and the rules governing sustainable mobility.

Andrea Russo, Chief Executive Officer of MR Digital, stated in this regard:

Sustainable mobility is one of the most urgent challenges we must face in order to ensure the future of our planet: to win it, a paradigm shift is needed that involves multiple actors, both institutional and market, from administrations to vehicle manufacturers to individual citizens. In MR Digital we are convinced that schools can play an important role in educating boys and girls to adopt conscious behaviors and we are happy that Nilox has chosen BricksLab to carry out its project, enriching our collection of contents dedicated to civic education. .

Giovanni Testa, COO of Esprinet, stated instead:

The way we move is destined to change profoundly in the coming years: for this evolution to go in a more sustainable direction for the planet, we believe it is important to start from school, that is, from the citizens who will move tomorrow. In MR Digital we have found a partner who shares this vision with us and allows us, through the BricksLab platform, to support high school students, who are beginning to move more and more independently from the family, offering them ideas for reflection, introducing the foundations of road education and providing a platform in which to share their plans for a society that moves in an increasingly sustainable way.

Let us know what you think of this project fielded by Nilox in collaboration with Brickslab, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech!

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