Call of Duty Warzone: announcement of the sequel planned for this year

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The sequel to Activision’s battle royale is not far away: the announcement of the successor to Call of Duty Warzone is near, according to the publisher

Updates certainly never fail for Call of Duty Warzonebut for the catchment area it is already blowing air of following: a feeling shared by the same Activision that seems ready to a official announcement about. We already know that the sequel is in the making at the talented guys of Infinity Ward, and which will arrive within the year. And since a fiscal year has just ended, it was only a matter of time before the chat with shareholders proved to be a harbinger of news for the gaming industry press. We certainly could not miss this type of call to arms.

“From scratch”: the unofficial announcement (but also not) of the follow-up to Call of Duty Warzone

In the latest financial report, Activision (while refraining from relevant details) reassured that the follow-up to Call of Duty Warzone is being built “from scratch”, then alluding to “great innovations” and other features at the heart of a “more ahead this year “. And if the game is really in the pipeline in 2022 in progress, it is difficult to specify that we can expect a reveal before then. For the moment, however, fans should be enough with these crumbs scattered by the publisher for which Microsoft is still signing the adoption papers.

However, what we know is enough to delight all fans of the franchise, starting from new game engine. “New” to be understood only in the context of the battle royale, which with the sequel will enjoy the structure already established for Modern Warfare 2019. The previous leaks, if reliable, have already confirmed that the game will be one of the first to abandon the model cross-gen. In other words, the multiplayer title will be available exclusively on PS5, Xbox Series X, Series S and PC. Official details are expected in the coming weeks and / or months. Fingers crossed.

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