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Anteprima The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me per PC

We had the pleasure of previewing the first hour of The Devil in Me, the latest chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology, in its PC version

The last chapter of the first season of the acclaimed anthology The Dark Pictures Anthology will be out in just over a week, but we had the pleasure (and the honor) to try it ahead of time. A new story, a new cast and a new setting take us back into the dark once again. Let’s find out together the first hour of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me per PC, nella nostra anteprima!

3,2,1… Action!

The premises of The Devil in Me are extremely rosy. No monsters, demons or ghosts to hide in the shadows, but a story based on real events. The game is about a team of documentary makers on an expedition between the mysterious wings of the “Castle of Horrors”. For those familiar with American Horror Story, the hotel in question is a reproduction of what we find in the acclaimed fifth season with Lady Gaga ed Evan Peters. For those who are not (in addition to suggesting to recover the vision), the labyrinthine hotel in question was, in the 19th century, theater of madness by Henry Howard Holmes aka “Doctor Torture”. Holmes, gone down in history as the most prolific serial killer ever, he rented the rooms of his labyrinth-hotel to poor and unsuspecting victims who were systematically tortured and then killed by the serial killer.

The whole hotel, which in this case we will find deserted (except for scary animatronics) was designed and built as a place from which it is impossible to return. The rooms were real gas chambers, with the possibility of igniting the emissions to burn the victims alive. The second and third floors, on the other hand, were a real labyrinth full of hidden rooms, secret passages, sliding walls and hatches. The castle collapsed following a fire in circumstances that are still unclear today. This is the set of our adventure. Curious huh?

Anteprima The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me per PC

La prima ora – Anteprima The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me per PC

The Devil in Me presents itself, like the previous chapters of The Dark Pictures Anthology, with the same modalities. A group of characters find themselves engaged in something not to do absolutely, and everything will inevitably go wrong. You don’t change a winning team, and the guys from Supermassive Games are now fully aware of this. The directorial approach and the expedients related to Quick Time Events they return more overbearing than ever, to act as an interlude to an anxious narrative in the name of tension and well-conceived jumpscare.

In addition to the features that made the series a success, we find a welcome novelty. Each character, this time, will be equipped with unique tools which will prove essential to continue the adventure. For example, the director of the documentary is equipped with a card that he will use to pick the locks. Another character, on the other hand, has tools that will allow us to detect imperceptible noises with the naked ear. In addition to this, there will be puzzles and riddles to be solved by studying the surrounding environment in depth.

Anteprima The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me per PC

A feast for the eyes – The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me preview for PC

If judging the narrative component is almost impossible in just one hour of play, the opposite is true for the aesthetic sector of the game. We had the pleasure of trying the game on one RTX 3090, and we must say that the work done by the development team is truly remarkable. Ray tracing is handled wonderfully, the characters are (as always) characterized and animated to perfection and the game environments are really beautiful to look at and full of small details. To act as a frame, an appropriate but not trivial audio sector, with a sound design that (taking full hands from the masters of the genre) several times he jumps out of his chair.

Once again we find a very respectable cast, enriched among all by the presence of Paul Kaye and all’Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley. To the long list of excellent names that we have encountered in previous chapters (Shawn Ashmore, Will Poulter, Pip Torrens), others are added, with a list that will continue to grow in the coming years. Supermassive Games has announced that The Devil in Me will close the first season of the anthologyto open up to five other games. Are you happy? We a lot.

Anteprima The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me per PC

Looking forward to it

In short, despite the short gaming experience, the premises are really excellent. Net of what was observed in this preview of The Devil in Me for PC, the closure of this first phase of The Dark Pictures Anthology will be with a bang. Between labyrinths, puzzles and constant heart-pounding, bring our troupe safe and sound outside the “Castle of Horrors” it will not be easy at all, but it will certainly be fun.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me sarà disponibile dal 19 Novembre per PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S e Microsoft Windows. As always, we thank you for reading and we invite you to stay connected on for more news, previews, reviews and much more. Bye!