Tesla brings Zoom video calls to cars, it’s official

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Zoom will soon be available to Tesla users. The official confirmation has arrived in these hours directly from Zoom. The two companies have now entered into a partnership intended to significantly enrich the services available to owners of a Tesla. Here are all the details about it:

Zoom will be integrated into Tesla’s cars

For the first time, thanks to the agreement between Tesla and Zoom, a third party developer will be able to access the camera in the rearview mirror which will become the video capture channel for video calls. The display positioned in the center of the Tesla dashboard will be used to show the video call made through the app.

The integration with Zoom will soon be available for all Tesla cars. We recall that Tesla had long anticipated the possibility of making the cars the ideal place to make video calls. As early as 2020 Tesla had expressed the desire to carry out a project of this type which, therefore, is finally ready to be realized.

The integration with the infotainment on board, therefore, will allow Zoom to become the reference for millions of Tesla customers. The system will work, however, only when the Tesla is parked, for obvious security reasons. In any case, the possible applications of this integration will be numerous. We’ll see how long it will take to record Zoom’s actual debut.