Antropophagus II: a preview of the sequel to the 1980 splatter

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Antropophagus II, the sequel to the Italian splatter Antropophagus, has its national premiere on March 25 in Rome

It will be open to the public there presentation of Anthropophagus IIto be held Friday 25 March 2022at New Aquila Cinema in Rome, in via L’Aquila 66/74. The event, which foresees the presence of the director, the cast and the producers, will take place starting at 20.30 (in compliance with the current rules on Covid-19).

The new film is the sequel to the cult splatter Antropophagus, Of Joe D’Amatoproduced in 1980.

plot and cast

Antropophagus II tells of a group of university students who, convinced by their teacher, decide to go inside an anti-atomic bunker to acquire useful information for their thesis. The group camps in the heart of the bunker, where the girls will have to stay for twenty-four hours. During the night, however, some of them disappear into thin air; it is the beginning of a nightmare that will soon suck them into a whirlwind of madness and atrocity.

The cast consists of Jessica Pizzi, Monica Carpanese, Giuditta Nicola, Diletta Maria D’ascanio, Valentina Capuano, Chiara De Cristofaro, Alessandra Pellegrino, Shaen Barletta, Lucio Massa and Alberto Buccolini. The film was shot in English, the same actors later dubbed themselves in Italian.

The film is produced by Gianni Paolucci and scripted by Lorenzo De Luca. At the direction we find Dario Germanialready known for thriller and dramatic films, such as Letter H. (2019) e Ninna Nanna (2017). The special makeup effects are instead edited by David Bracciwho in the past has also worked with Dario Argento.

Antropophagus II: a preview of the sequel to the 1980 splatter

The words of the director of Antropophagus II

germany confessed that Antropophagus II was born from a intuition of Gianni Paolucci and Franco Gaudenziwho also thought about what could be the best place to shoot.

The director added:

The film was set up in a period of full pandemic, when, due to the sudden total closure, due to the Coronavirus, we could no longer leave for the Philippines, where we would have had to carry out inspections aimed at shooting other films. So Franco and Gianni thought that the only place where you could shoot something without being infected would be an anti-atomic bunker. The Soratte bunker, in our case, already built at the time of the First World War and which has fourteen kilometers of tunnels.

On comparison with the old AntropophagusGermani replies:

In my opinion the real strength of the first Antropophagus lies in the choice to shoot a horror film almost completely in the light of the sun, so the most sensible thing to do for the sequel was to move away from the story of that film, developing everything in the dark.

We just have to wait until March 25, to discover this new Italian film.

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