Electrolux aims to reduce water consumption with PerfectCare 900

Electrolux punta a ridurre i consumi di acqua e energia con la lavasciuga PerfectCare 900 thumbnail

Electroluxon the occasion of the World Water Dayremember the importance of reduce water waste and combat climate change. The company, to achieve this goal, focuses on the new lPerfectCare 900 washer with heat pump. It is a solution capable of halving temperatures to obtain environmentally friendly laundry and also reducing water consumption. Here are the details:

The Electrolux washer-dryer is the right solution to reduce water waste and energy consumption

With Electrolux PerfectCare 900 it is possible to make a clean cut in energy consumption, which is reduced by up to 70% thanks to the possibility of washing at much lower temperatures, preserving the structure of the fabrics and avoiding shrinkage. It should be noted that the Electrolux proposal also makes it possible to obtain a marked decrease in water consumption. Among the various features available to users is the FreshScent Steam program which combines the power of steam with a fresh fragrance to avoid having to resort to a complete wash.

The Better Living program continues for an increasingly sustainable world

Electrolux, with its new PerfetCare 900 washer-dryer, continues the program Better Living which aims to offer better and more sustainable living conditions, reducing water waste and consumption. The goal of the program is to make garments last as long as possible by halving their environmental impact by 2030.

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