AOC announces AGON by AOC: a brand dedicated to gaming

A good news is coming to the AOC house. This is AGON by AOC, a new brand dedicated to PC gaming for all groups

AOC, the world’s number one brand of gaming monitors and IT accessories, announces the launch of its new AGON by AOC brand. The new brand will strengthen AOC’s existing lines of monitors and gaming accessories and will extend the portfolio with new products dedicated to casual players, competitive players and ambitious e-sports players. Stefan Sommer, Head of Global Marketing at AOC:

The gaming industry and the esports sector in particular belong to the fastest growing – and certainly the most challenging – technology markets. We are more than proud to share our new brand concept and vision with this unique community. AGON by AOC is sure to raise the level of gaming ecosystems – and elevate the game of many gamers around the world.

AGON by AOC: coming soon…

With AGON by AOC, players are immersed in an immersive experience, regardless of their skill level or the genre of play they prefer. Dedicating even more to satisfy players from all over the world, AGON by AOC is committed to creating the best gaming ecosystem: from mice to monitors for MMORPGs, racing games, simulations or FPS games – for curious adventurers, seasoned heroes and professional legends. AGON by AOC is a unique universe of its kind. As the legend tells, in a dystopian reality, not very different from ours, the AGON league has brought together the best warriors with specific skills to fight the powers of evil. Only together are they strong enough to defeat the enemy – just as community is key in the game, and esports in particular. Introducing mesmerizing visuals and detailed character designs, AGON by AOC rises from a manufacturer of dedicated gaming hardware to the creator of an entire gaming universe.

AOC announces AGON by AOC: a brand dedicated to gaming

The presentation of the new brand is scheduled for July 27 and there will be an opportunity to discover new products and interact with the AOC staff. To stay updated, follow the manufacturer’s social channels and obviously the pages of our hardware section!

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