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Aperit-Hero: Deadpool and dramatic comedy

In this new episode of Aperit-Hero we analyze Deadpool, our favorite chatty mercenary!

We are back in a new episode of the Saturday afternoon column, in which we remember the great deeds of our favorite heroes! Today’s protagonist is a bizarre, comical character, capable of breaking the fourth wall (let’s hope he doesn’t do it now), but who also has a tremendously dramatic background and story. Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s Aperit-Hero we talk about Deadpool!

There’s really little to say, Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. Since his first appearance in the comics, readers have fallen in love with the character. His first appearance in films dates back to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but our dear Wade ABSOLUTELY does not want to remember his first debut at the cinema. That was truly an opprobrium that we all prefer to forget. The character reached its full popularity with the first film of 2016, thanks above all to Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious and professional performance, as well as being truly beautiful (Wade is keen to say it). We also saw the trailer for Deadpool 3, which literally made us go crazy like schoolgirls, especially for the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (Wade says he loves him to death), now let’s analyze his beautiful character.

This is my TRUE story! | Aperit-Hero: Deadpool and dramatic comedy

Since we love Wade so much and want to start RIGHT, let’s start with the first Deadpool movie. Our beloved chatty mercenary mentions his past, making us understand that he had a really bad childhood. His parents mistreated him, he was locked up in his room several times because they couldn’t stand him and never wanted him. His life changes when he decides to enlist as a soldier, and then becomes a mercenary. Wade himself, before contracting cancer, did not consider himself a hero, but rather “a villain who deals with people worse than himself” and was paid for it. Wade was feared, but also loved by the people who paid him to help them.

Wade’s life changes when he discovers that he has liver, lung, prostate and brain cancer. That moment in his life was very special, because he had discovered it shortly before asking his girlfriend Vanessa to marry him. He is contacted by a man sent by a certain Francis Freeman, better known as Ajax (yes, we know, Wade, the name resembles that of detergent). That man saved Wade’s life, but made him an immortal war machine, giving him a regenerative power much more powerful than Wolverine’s. Reading the comics, Deadpool’s actually is the most powerful in the Marvel universe. However, this caused a deformation of the face, thus eliminating all its charm. However, after disappearing for years and finding Vanessa, who coincidentally had been kidnapped by Francis, she proves that she loves him anyway, regardless of his physical appearance (how cute of her).

Aperit-Hero: Deadpool and dramatic comedy

Yes, she’s my girlfriend, a hottie, huh? | Aperit-Hero: Deadpool and dramatic comedy

Although Wade and Vanessa are back together, unfortunately there is really no respite for our sweet, tender and friendly Deadpool. In the second film the two they managed to get married (FINALLY), but there are still so many difficulties that Wade has to face, otherwise the audience is not happy. Sorry, Wade, but in addition to comedy, audiences also like drama. Perhaps the second film tells an even more beautiful story than the first, in fact it seems to us much sweeter. Once moved, the two in fact think of have a child, to make the couple even more united and also give their love to a creature that the two of them generate. Things seem to be going very well for Wade, he has become an anti-hero much loved by many by taking on the role of Deadpool and he has a crazy beautiful wife who loves him for who he really is, not caring what his face looks like. Too bad though that someone who had followed Wade inside hits Vanessa with a bullet.

Another depressing time for Wade, who has lost the love of his life again, but this time forever. Deapool even tries to commit suicide by blowing himself up in his apartment with explosive barrels. Of course, unfortunately (or fortunately), it doesn’t work and Wade survives the explosion. Meanwhile Colossus e Negasonic Mutant Warhead they recover the pieces of Wade’s body and take him to the X-Mansion to try to make him an X-Man. Deadpool then teams up with the two when a young mutant boy named Russell destroys an orphanage he was in. The little boy will be a new chapter in Wade’s life, teaching him a very important lesson about what it means to care for a child and teach little ones what is right to do.

Aperit-Hero: Deadpool and dramatic comedy

Look how cute my little one is! | Aperit-Hero: Deadpool and dramatic comedy

As we said before, Russell becomes a very important person in Wade’s life. His mission, in fact, is to protect the little boy. Russell’s life is threatened by Cable, a soldier from the future who lost his family at the hands of a grown up Russell with a passion for murder. Cable, therefore, in addition to seeking revenge for his family, also tries to prevent Russell from becoming Firefist, an extremely dangerous mutant supervillain. The reason why Wade decides to protect Russell is because he found out that the orphanage was experimenting on him and torturing him, just like Francis did to Wade years ago. Furthermore, by remembering that he wanted a child with Vanessa, Russell could have been a way to allow him to be a father figure for the little one. All sorts of things happen and our antihero tries several times to protect the boy.

When they were captured in prison for mutants he tried to commit suicide again, but at the same time to save the child and allow him to escape, even saying words that hurt him and made people doubt their relationship. Which is why Russell suddenly exploits Phenomenon, the most powerful mutant in the prison, to hunt down the director of the orphanage and kill him. Wade, having grown fond of the boy, tries to stop him from exceeding that limit which would then lead him to become a crazy serial killer. He even teams up with Cableconvincing him that to save the future and his family there is another way, that is stop Russell without killing him. Thanks to the help of his team made up of Cable, Colossus, Negasonic Mutant Warhead and his girlfriendYukio, they manage to stop Russell and prevent him from becoming a killer. Thanks to Russell, Wade becomes a father.

Aperit-Hero: Deadpool and dramatic comedy

I make people laugh, but I have a shitty life

Words spoken by Wade! He may have had a bad life, but in the end Wade always finds a way to get back on his feet and find new reasons to live. The story of this character both comical and dramatic it starts, ends and starts again over and over again. When he becomes Deadpool, when he loses Vanessa and when he finds Russell. A man who has really been through some bad times, but who in the end has always found a way to get back on track and make us laugh with him. Wade is a complicated character, who uses comedy to avoid wallowing in utter despair. In practice it follows the lifestyle “I laugh to keep from crying“, and in our opinion it is a truly excellent way of approaching life. After all, no matter how bad surprises life has in store for us, It’s always better to approach them lightlywith a laugh or a joke, rather than despairing.

The Aperit-Hero episode ends here! Our beloved Deadpool greets you and encourages you to eat some delicious chimichanga. Continue to follow us on so you don’t miss the next episode of Aperit-Hero, always here, every Saturday at 6pm!

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