Apex Legends: all the news of Season 10 Emergence

In this article you will find all the most important news coming with the Emergence update, Season 10 of Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been around for a long time now but despite this the title continues to be very much played. This is obviously due to the quality of the title, but also to the constant addition of new content from Respawn Entertainment. In fact, the long-awaited will be available from tomorrow Emergence, the new Season 10 in Apex Legends, and in this article you will find all the most important news which will be introduced with the update.

Major additions

Season 10 Emergence will enrich Apex Legends with many new features, but these are the most important:

  • Available the new Legend Seer, a deadly fighter who specializes in tracking down enemies
    • The passive ability Heart Seeker will allow you to view the heartbeat of nearby enemies when you are aiming (it works even if you are not holding a firearm), thus allowing you to have a clue to their location.
    • Recon is another passive ability that allows you to scan the beacons to reveal the next location of the circle.
    • Focus is a tactical skill that will allow you to summon drones that can reveal the position of enemies through walls, signal their HP bar and even interrupt their actions.
    • Seer’s Ultimate Ability is called Exhibit and is able to create a large sphere of drones that will allow you to see the footprints left by enemies that are moving quickly or that are shooting inside it.
  • Map changes
    • L’area Refinery was destroyed from a lava rift e replaced by Thermal Control, a new, much larger point of interest characterized by huge towers.
    • The planet is now marked by a dangerous one rift full of lava which goes from Thermal Control to East Fragment.
    • The Sorting laboratory was swallowed by a chasm e replaced with Lava Siphon, a new very broad point of interest that develops on several levels.
    • After the train, now Apex Legends is enriched with some cabin which connect Thermal Control to Lava Siphon. Crossing the map with these cable cars will allow you to avoid the lava, but it will also make you very easy targets.
    • Now Railway depot was destroyed by a landslide and has fewer easily defensible structures.
    • The map sky will now look brighter and colder than it used to be.
    • Changed some map rotations
  • New weapon added Rampage
    • Rampage is one LMG that it uses heavy bullets and is able to easily decimate even the most armored opponents. This machine gun has a fairly low rate of fire, but it can be significantly improved inserting a termite grenade inside its special magazine.
  • Added the mode Ranked arena.
  • Added a new badge for winning streaks.
  • Added “Wait” as a response for ally pings.
  • The Heirloom Shop has been updated to allow players to view them better.

Changes to the legends – Apex Legends: all the news of Season 10 Emergence

In addition to the big news we talked about above, Season 10 Emergence has also brought some changes to the Legends in Apex Legends:

  • Fuse
    • Enemies within Fuse’s Ultimate Ring of Fire will now be visible to all allies.
    • The duration of the Knuckle Cluster explosion has been increased by 100%.
    • Fuse’s passive ability can now be activated and deactivated at will.
  • Horizon
    • Reduced slowdown after initial black hole attraction.
    • Adjusted the speed at which Horizon suspends enemies in the air with the Gravity Lift ability.
  • Coming back
    • Added an audio and visual cue that will allow other players to understand when Death Totem’s protection is about to end.
    • Added a small slowdown effect when being summoned to the Death Totem.
  • Caustic
    • Gas damage now starts at 5 and will increase by 1 for every other tick of damage taken.
    • The cooldown of Caustic’s tactical ability was reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • The cooldown time of the Caustic ultimate was reduced yes 3.5 minutes and 3 minutes, but now the duration has been reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Horizon’s Gravity Lift will now only have 1 starting charge instead of 2 in Arena mode.
  • Mirage’s Psyche Out will now only have 2 starting stacks instead of 3 in Arena mode.
  • Bloodhound’s usable scans during his Ultimate have been reduced from 3 to 2 in Arena mode.

Apex Legends: all the news of Season 10 Emergence

Weapon changes – Apex Legends: all the news of Season 10 Emergence

In addition to the Legends, also the weapons have undergone several very interesting changes:

  • L-STAR
    • Now the L-STAR is able to use the magazines of energy weapons to be able to fire more shots before overheating and to cool down slightly faster.
    • Now you can mount barrels to reduce the recoil of the weapon.
    • Increased the spread of projectiles when firing without aiming.
  • LMG
    • Reduced the damage multiplier for headshots of all LMGs from 2.0 to 1.75.
    • Increased the damage multiplier for limb hits for all LMGs from 0.75 to 0.85.
  • Pistol
    • Reduced the time required to hold all pistols by 10%.
    • Speed ​​up the holster and the speed with which you enter or exit the aiming.
  • M600 Spitfire
    • Damage increased from 18 to 19.
    • Bullet spread when firing without aiming has returned to Season 8 pre-nerf values.
    • Increased the capacity of the purple magazine from 50 to 55 bullets.
  • Alternator
    • Shield piercing shells are back. This special type of ammunition will only be available on Alternators found inside the service pods.
    • Increased shield damage from Shield Piercing Bullets by 40%.
  • The Prowler will no longer be available within the service capsules but can be found along with the rest of the loot.
  • The Spitfire and Alternator will now be available again in the service pods.
  • Now the magazines increased will no longer increase weapon reload speed based on their rarity. However, this effect is still present in the game, only from now on it will be associated with kicks.
  • The 30-30 Repeater, G7 Scout and Triple Take now use sniper kick.
  • The Prowler’s burst interval has been increased from 0.2 to 0.24.
  • Adjusted the prices of many weapons in arena mode.
  • Added a distinctive sound that signals the revive effect of the golden backpack.

Apex Legends: all the news of Season 10 Emergence

That’s all!

These are all the main changes that will be introduced tomorrow with the Emergence update of Apex Legends Season 10. Our article ends here but, in case you really want to know everything about the game, we suggest you take a look at the many dedicated guides on our site.

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