Apex Legends: here is the update time for the Genesis Collection event

Revealed the update time for the Apex Legends Genesis Collection event, let’s find out together in this dedicated news

The first big one is finally upon us update of the ninth season of Apex Legends, called Legacy; the update, whose schedule was leaked on Twitter, will introduce the new named event Genesis Collection which will make numerous changes to the game itself. There will be a return of the original maps of King’s Canyon e World’s Edge, as well as there will be numerous skin, rewards to accompany the usual buff e nerf to weapons and legends. The new one will also be introduced heirloom of the Revenant legend.

Apex Legends: the time of the new update for the Genesis Collection event leaked on Twitter

The time of the new update for the Genesis Collection event, by Apex Legends, was leaked on Twitter by a well-known insider who has often “dealt” with the EA and Respawn game. We refer to Shrugtal who chirped through his official profile, referring to the fact that, as happened on other occasions, Respawn Entertainment ed Electronic Arts, will release the update at the “usual time”. Here is the reference tweet:

Therefore, according to what reported by Shrugtal and according to previous occasions, the new Apex update will be available starting from 19:00 on Tuesday 29 June (time equivalent to 5pm GMT reported in the tweet). It will therefore be up to you to wait less than 24 hours (starting from now) to be able to download. Let us know if you are in hype for the upcoming news and if you are among those who have remained fond of the title or are there draw closer precisely with Legacy, the new surprising and exciting season that has brought Apex Legends to be one of the games most followed on Twitch.

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