Apex Legends: Heroes, revealed the release date and the new Legend with a trailer!

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Through a press release, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have announced, with a trailer, the release date of Heroes, the new update of Apex Legends which among the many innovations also brings a new Legend: we know Newcastle

The success and love that Apex Legends has received over time is commendable, especially in a market saturated with free-to-play battle royale. Of course, the fact that it has big names like Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts behind it helps, as does the amount of time and resources used to keep the machine running. Considering also its imminent arrival on the mobile market, announced last year and gradually distributed in the various regions of the world, the Apex Legends franchise is certainly one of the most important ones for an Electronic Arts that has decidedly made wrong choices. many, accompanying themselves to some sensational centers.

Through a press release, Respawn and EA have revealed, in the past few hours, the next big update for Apex Legends. Heroes, this is the name of the update, will be launched next May 10 and introduces, in addition to all the new content that will be discussed in the coming days, also a new legend. We leave you the presentation trailer below.

Apex Legends: Heroes and Newcastle show up in the first official presentation trailer

The new hero is Newcastle, who will jump into the line of fire with his shield ready to protect his team. In the presentation trailer we can see Newcastle helping to defend Storm Pass against a monstrous colossus. More details will be disclosed soon in view of the official launch of the update, which will arrive on all platforms on which Apex Legends is available.

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