Apex Legends: Imperial Guard Collection Event Available

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The Imperial Guard Kickstarting Mixtape Event is Available for Apex Legends, a New Rotating Playlist of Game Modes

Everyone knows Apex Legendsthe shooter title free multiplayer by Electronic Arts and Respawn, from today the collection event for the celebrations of the 4th anniversary named Imperial Guard. The mode will also be present Mixtapea new playlist that rotates Team Deathmatch, Control, and Gun Rush.

Apex Legends: Imperial Guard Collection Event Available

Apex Legends: Imperial Guard Collection event and new skins

During the event, which will start on March 7 and will finish the March 21it will also be possible to unlock 24 limited time itemswith brand new legendary skins for Wraith, Gibraltar, many and many others. These items will be available for both direct purchase with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, as well as in Imperial Guard Pack for the entire duration of the event.

To help gamers get these new items the cost of crafting metals will be reduced by 50%, example from 2,400 to create a legendary item you will need 1,200. It will be possible to create all the objects of the event by spending therefore half of the metals of creation, and this also includes the Kunai “Dawn of Hope” the Wraithwhich will cost half the price of Heirloom Sets from past events.

These are not the only new features that will be added in Apex Legends during the collection event Imperial Guard, in the shop there will also be the possibility to unlock the “Relic of Death” and “Spirit of Protection” bundles, as well as weekly offers, such as the “Brazen Ferocity” bundle for Pathfinder (available March 7-14) and the “Ethereal Orchid” bonus bundle for Valkyrie (available from March 14th to 21st).

All you have to do is run and download the game that we remember is free, and if you are interested in other interesting news in the videogame field, we invite you to stay tuned to the TechGameWorld.com pages. It is also necessary to remind you, if you have not already done so, to go to the Kinguin website, where it is also possible to buy the video games of the moment at a decidedly discounted price.

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