Apex Legends Mobile: revealed the release date of the game

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Finally, the release date of Apex Legends Mobile has been revealed thanks to a trailer full of information about the game

Apex Legends Mobile continues to be in the spotlight and they have finally revealed the release date of the game. Apparently, through a meeting between the developers of Respawn Entertainment last week, the period in which the title could be released would have emerged and today it has been made official with a trailer to be discovered. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the free-to-play battle royale will have 10 playable legends at launch along with classic versions of King’s Canyon and World’s Edge.

So what’s the Apex Legends Mobile release date?

Apex Legends Mobile release date is set for May 17 on iOS and Android. Furthermore, it was revealed that nine of the playable legends come from the game already available on consoles and PCs, while the tenth is an exclusive character for mobile devices called Fade. The of him “SlipstreamPassive provides a brief increase in movement speed after a slide, while its tactical “Flash Back” allows the player to teleport to a spot where they had previously been. His Ultimate is called “Phase Chamber” and allows you to deploy a phase cage that “sends all legends within its range into the Void”.

Also, Fade will have a fearsome one skull mask with a red and silver armor with beautiful golden highlights (although note that its appearance is different from Revenant). More information about her is reportedly to come in the coming days past. Other legends include Mirage, Pathfinder, Octane, Lifeline, Gibraltar, Caustic, Wraith, Bloodhound, and Bangalore. We just have to wait for more information on this title now much awaited by fans to find out more.

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