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The Offering: the trailer of the horror film is out

The Offering: the trailer, the poster and the plot of the new horror film that will arrive in our cinemas in February are out

A new film is about to land in cinemas across the country: it is a horror film, of which the trailer has just been officially released. We know it will hit theaters on February 23rd – save the date! -. The director is Oliver Parker and the film is based on a screenplay written by the skilful hand of Hank Hoffman.

The film will take up some traditions of Jewish culture.

The Offering: the trailer of the new horror film

After The Vigil Of Keith Thomas, a new horror film inspired by the traditions of Jewish culture is arriving in Italian cinemas. The film, which, as we remind you, will debut in theaters on February 23, is called The Offering and is the directorial debut of a long film by Oliver Park.

The script of the film was instead signed by Hank Hoffman, who thus spoke of his script, based on the subject he had written with Jonathan Yunger and which was inspired by the myth of the Abyzou, female demon of Middle Eastern and Eastern European folklore:

One of my previous professions was to read prayers for the dead in a Jewish morgue, from midnight to six in the morning, alone. So I have a lot of experience in this field. From the time I spent in that morgue, I can tell there is an energy. A presence.

So instead Park, director of The Offering, said he thought while reading the script, which he found interesting both for the theme of how the different religions deal with demonic possession, and for the attention to the overall plot and to the individual stories related to each character:

I was reading a classic horror, I miss those movies that I grew up with and where the drama comes first and there is richness to the story.

But no more talk: below we bring you the trailer of this brand new horror film!

The Offering: the plot of the film

Below we present the official synopsis of the film The Offering.

In the hope of reconciling with his Orthodox Jewish father, the son of a funeral director returns home with his pregnant wife. But his intentions are tested when the family morgue receives the body of a mysterious corpse possessed by an ancient entity who has a terrible and ominous plan in store for the oncoming baby…

The Offering: il cast

We know that the actors are part of the cast Nick Blood, Emm Wiseman, Allan Corduner e Paul Kaye.

At this point we just have to wait for February 23, the day of the release of the horror film at the cinema. We are very curious to see this debut, are you?

As always, for any news, we are available and ready to inform you, but in the meantime, I recommend: stay tuned!

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