Apple: A feature is coming that reveals traffic accidents and calls 911

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Reportedly, Apple is currently working on a new feature for iPhone e Apple Watch which detects whether the user has been involved in any road accidents and automatically dials 911. The current plan is to roll out this feature next year, according to the editors of the Wall Street Journal.

Apple: A function that detects traffic accidents is coming

Google’s personal safety app on Pixel phones already includes a feature to ask for help if traffic accidents are detected, get accordingly the detection of accidents even on an iPhone means more drivers can get the help they need as long as they have a smartphone in their pocket or mounted on the dashboard.

According to Apple, the increase in the use of smartphones behind the wheel has given way to integration systems such as CarPlay e Android Auto, the first that will appear in nearly 80% of new vehicles in 2020. Creating a new crash detection feature in the iPhone alongside CarPlay could bolster Apple’s technology, which appears to be working on a way to improve further. connectivity between phone and car.

Apple traffic accidents

While Apple’s incident detection hasn’t always worked as expected in the past, the company has had many years to gather data and analytics on willing iOS and watchOS users. It remains to be seen how accurately Apple will be able to detect traffic accidents. since this feature is for now notoriously known for detecting as such even simple falls and other minor hitches.

If this feature turns out to be well implemented, however, there is no doubt that it could prove extremely useful to all motorists with an Apple smartphone. In short, the idea is excellent, you just have to wait to find out how much it will actually be useful in practice.