Apple annuncia l'evento "Scary Fast": Mac con chip M3 in arrivo? thumbnail

Apple announces “Scary Fast” event: Mac with M3 chip coming soon?

Apple announces the event "Scary Fast": Mac with M3 chip coming soon?  thumbnail

Apple has officially announced its next event, called “Scary Fast” and set for the night between 30 and 31 October. Although the date and time are a bit unusual for Apple, it seems we will be talking about the most classic of Cupertino products: the new Macs – probably with M3 chips.

Apple “Scary Fast”, the Halloween event (for Macs with M3?)

The event teaser, with a completely black background, shows the iconic Apple apple that transforms into a ghostly Finder, the symbol of Macs and their operating system. This clearly indicates that the focus of the event will be the presentation of new Apple PCs.

Exact details on models and specifications still remain unknown, creating some anticipation and curiosity among tech enthusiasts. But it seems likely that the announcement will concern theThe arrival of some computers with M3 chips, even more powerful. And it seems that the first device to have them will be the new iMac (although the update of some MacBooks is not ruled out).

iMac M3

But not all leak sources agree on what we will see in the “Scary Fast” event. While the name might suggest that Apple is about to reveal something really fast, perhaps in reference to the new M3 chips, many believe that the company will simply present a updated version of iMacs with the M2 Pro chip.

The event is scheduled for 01:00 on October 31st and will be streamed on Apple’s official website, as well as on Apple TV. Enthusiasts and tech experts around the world are eagerly awaiting this event, hoping to get more details on the new products and innovations Apple has in store for the future. We will keep you updated on all the news.

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