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Suburraeterna: preview revealed with a new trailer!

Through a press release, Netflix announced with a new trailer that Suburraeterna, the spin-off that expands the Suburra universe, will be previewed at Lucca Comics & Games before its release on the platform: let’s discover all the details together in this article dedicated

Today, Netflix released the trailer for Suburraeterna (SUBURRÆTERNA), the 8-episode TV series that expands the Suburra universe with a new, completely original story, produced by Cattleya, part of ITV Studios, arriving only on Netflix from November 14th in countries where the service is active. The preview of the series has also been announced, which will be broadcast on October 29th on the closing night of the Rome Film Festival with the first two episodes, which will then be re-screened at Lucca Comics & Games on November 2nd in the presence of Giacomo Ferrara.

Suburraeterna shows itself with a new trailer awaiting the preview in Lucca!

In the cast of Suburraeterna we find Giacomo Ferrara in the role of Spadino e Filippo Nigro in that of Amedeo Cinaglia, while Carlotta Antonelli e Federica Sabatini they return to take on the roles of Angelica and Nadia respectively, as well as Paola Sotgiu e Alberto Cracco those of Adelaide and Nascari. Alongside them, new characters will upset the balance of Rome: Marlon Joubert is Damiano Luciani, He washed Massine is Ercole Bonatesta, Federigo Ceci is Armando Tronto, Yamina Brirmi e Morris Sarra they are Giulia and Cesare Luciani (Damiano’s twin brothers), while Giorgia Spinelli interpreted by Miriana Murtas e Gabriele di Stadio the young Victor Anacleti.

The series is written by Ezio Abbate e Fabrizio Bettelliwho also cover the role of Head Writers, Andrea Nobile, Camilla Buizza, Marco Sani e Giulia Forgione. Ciro D’Emilio is directing the first four episodes, while Alessandro Tonda of the last four. Gina Gardini is the showrunner of the series which is based on the literary work Suburra written by Giancarlo De Cataldo e Carlo Bonini – who also take care of the story editing – published by Giulio Einaudi Publisher.

The synopsis is as follows:

Rome, 2011. The government risks falling, the Vatican is in crisis and the city squares are literally set on fire. In the middle world, Cinaglia (Filippo Nigro) has picked up Samurai’s legacy and, together with Badali (Emmanuele Aita), continues to manage the city’s criminal affairs, with the help of Adelaide (Paola Sotgiu) and Angelica (Carlotta Antonelli ), who remained at the head of the Anacleti, and of Nadia (Federica Sabatini), who helps them manage the squares of Ostia. But there are those who no longer accept this system. New protagonists will take the field, upsetting the balance of Rome: thus begins a revolution which, from the Church to the Capitoline Hill and up to the beaches of Ostia, quickly expands to erase everything that represents the past. Spadino (Giacomo Ferrara) will therefore be forced to return home, to prevent his family from being put in danger along with everything else, and to look for new allies, even where he never thought he would find them… But war is war and in At stake is control of Rome.

Have you seen the new trailer dedicated to Suburraeterna, which we remind you will also be previewed at Lucca Comics & Games 2023? Let us know what you think below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the cinema-themed news!

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