Apple Arcade: arriva Zookeeper World e Thumber Pocket Edition

Apple Arcade: arriva Zookeeper World e Thumber Pocket Edition thumbnail

Apple Arcade is about to update with some new features, as two new games are coming to the Apple platform. Specifically, to be added to the Apple Arcade offer this month will be Zookeeper World e Thumper Pocket Edition, which will be available to all users starting in the next few weeks.

Apple Arcade: arrivano Zookeeper World e Thumper Pocket Edition

Coming this Friday, Zookeeper World of Kiterestu combines a fun match-3 gameplay with simulation mechanics which allow players to create and manage their own zoo. Players will tackle a variety of challenging match-3 puzzles, collect coins and place cute animals, equipment, and plants to make their zoo more “glamorous” and attract more visitors.

The more the players respond to the requests of the Boss and the visitors, the more their rank will increase: in this way they will be able to expand their zoo. Players will be able to customize zoo elements, introduce updates for their pets to make them unique and much more.

Apple Arcade Zookeeper World

It should also arrive soon Thumper: Pocket Edition di Drool LLC, a dizzyingly paced action game. Players will take on the role of a space beetle, braving the void and facing a mad giant head. Master new moves and survive terrifying boss battles as players whiz through nine epic levels. Powered by a pounding original soundtrack, players will hear the sound of every crushing impact.

As if that were not enough, the latest updates of two very popular games also arrive on the platform:

  • LEGO Brawls – Jurassic World: Players can discover Isla Nublar after dark when things can get even more dangerous. The game allows you to use upgrades and emotes with dinosaurs, to find rare Jurassic World minifigures, to keep fighting for trophies and to unlock more and more Jurassic World themed content.
  • Sneaky Sasquatch – The update includes new mushroom-picking gameplay, a new river area to explore, a new job as “Ferry Captain”, the ability to create an island and manage it as a private campsite, and much more.