Revolut Soggiorni: prenota hotel con il 10% di cashback thumbnail

Revolut Stays: book hotels with 10% cashback

Revol launches the new travel feature today Stays for all Italian customers, who will be able to book hotels all over the world and get up to 10% cashback. From B & Bs to luxury apartments, a number of options truly benefit all customers of the global financial app.

Revolut Stays offers up to 10% cashback on hotel bookings

Holidays are often a dream. We know that saying this in September could be particularly melancholy. Especially if you have relaxed so much by the sea or in the mountains that you have forgotten the hassle of having to switch from your smartphone to your laptop to book. Maybe looking for the details of the credit card that you could not find, having you dictate all those numbers to be entered on the computer. The good news is that next year (or next time you leave) you can save you the trouble. And save money too.

Directly in the Revolut app you will find one selection of destinations of each level, worldwide. From B & Bs a few hours by train to resorts on the other side of the world. Choose, book and pay directly in the Stays section. Plus you will receive up to 10% cashback on each booking. The money that comes back can then be used for a dinner or an adventurous experience once you arrive at your destination.

revolut stays

Revolut has always been a popular app for travelers, who could easily pay for their trips. From debit cards to online, offline and contactless payments, currency exchange at the interbank rate, transactions and withdrawals abroad without hidden commissions. Frequent travelers can also take advantage of the upgrade to Premium e Metal to have travel insurance, purchase protection and free access to airport lounges when the flight is more than 60 minutes late.

As he explains Marcel Nikaj, Head of Savings and Lifestyle at Revolut: “As the world cautiously begins to open up, we know that many are desperately trying to travel whenever they can, be it Palermo or Mallorca. We created Stays to allow people to easily find and book the perfect vacation in their ideal destination. After 18 months of endless restrictions and blockages, we want to empower people to get more out of their money. Revolut is becoming the ideal travel app, precisely because it is able to offer more. “

In the future, the company aims to create even more ad hoc solutions for travelers. You can discover them all on the official website.

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