Apple beats Macbook sales record as the industry drops

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Apple has sold over 8.1 million Macs and Macbooks in the last quarter, marking a record sales for the company Cupertino. A particularly important news, also because in the same period the sales of laptops and PCs they fell for all the other producers. However, they manage to keep the Apple off the podium for total sales.

Apple: record sales for Macbooks

During the quarter closing announcements, the company reported strong sales in the computer department: Mac and Macbook are up 26% from last year. However, Apple does not usually disclose the number of devices sold. Strategy Analytics however, he analyzed the laptop market in particular and explains that the Apple has touched share 8.1 million computers shipped.

This ensures that the company has 14% of the market, proving to be the fourth largest producer in the world above Asus. Ma Dell sells more (9.1 million) while falling by 15%, while HP touches 9.5 million, down by 32%. Also Lenovo drops, to -16%, but remains firmly on the top with 12.8 million devices sold and a quarter of the market.

Credit: Strategy Analytics

Apple’s result is particularly significant, especially given the overall decline in the laptop market. With 56.1 million units soldin total the market suffered a collapse of -15% rcompared to the same period last year. Despite the positive push of the Apple.

However, even Apple itself has warned that things could turn for the worse in the last quarter of this year. Especially because il Macbook Pro launch last year with M1, in a period of lockdown in many areas of the world, it contributed to sales to workers. This year, however, the general market trend and the decline in remote office needs will lead to a drop in sales.

These predictions by Apple CFO Luca Maestri also suggest that the Apple will not launch the new MacBook Pros with M2 chips before next year.