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OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone (DLC) review, discovering Radlandis!

Let’s find out together, in this dedicated review, the highlights of the DLC of OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone, will you be so cool as to be able to reach Raglandis?

The English guys from Roll7 studio are back to talk about them with the latest expansion for their flagship game OlliOlli World (find our review of the base game here!). After making us meet aliens and run around on absurd flying tracks with the help of tractor beams, it is time to join the expedition aboard the flying ship of the three Radiant Weather adventurers Squid, Litch and Professor Planksto prevent the Money Frog BB Hopper from bringing capitalism to the remote city in the sky Radlandis.

A very unique incipit, but in line with the peculiarity of the game itself, which after the great success of both the base game and the first DLC is ready to tell his final story. Will he be able to impress us once again, perhaps even leaving a smile on his face? You will find out shortly. Welcome to the OlliOlli World Finding the Flowzone DLC review, happy reading!

We set sail for new gameplay and new… adventures!

As already mentioned in the preface, the story told in this DLC is very basic so we won’t go back to it. What we can tell you, however, is that to access the DLC you will have to have played practically half the game, since access to the flying Banana ship will only unlock after having done the first level of the Desert, then the third game area. At this point, returning to the first Biome we will see the ship at the top right and we will be able to interact to start our new adventure up in the sky.

The new map presents 5 new Biomes, and the levels inside will put us in front of landscapes that are both very suggestive and rather … strange at the same time: flying islands, cities suspended in the air and clouds with which it is possible to interact with our beloved Skateboard that will make us reverse the direction in we’re going to. However, everything does not clash with the aspect that the game has given of itself up to now, resulting really satisfying. Everything else is part of the solid gameplay of the base game: ramps, grinds and jumps with which to fit our tricks to increase the base score and beat our opponents, both those of history and other players who have already completed that level. In short, a winning team does not change.

OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone (DLC) review, discovering Radlandis!

Just like in the first Void Riders DLC, however, there is also an addition to the gameplay here: the air currents. As you may have guessed, they will just give us that extra push that will allow us to reach even higher peaks and to do tricks at an even greater speed, so our dexterity with the left stick of the controller will have to be even greater if we aim to do a really high score.

OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone (DLC) review, discovering Radlandis!

Wait… but did we take it all ?! | OlliOlli World review: Finding the Flowzone (DLC)

To reach the lost city we’ll have to put together a map, whose pieces will be scattered in the various levels that we are going to face. Needless to say, most of them will be in the secondary or hidden paths, so it won’t be strange to have to go through a level twice to be able to take all three. And this is where the first, true, sore point of this DLC comes in.

It is possible that at the beginning of the level a message of “attention” will appear on the screen, where it will be written that in order to face a specific path you will need a skill that you have not yet learned, or rather, of which you have not yet seen the tutorial. This will lead the player to have to go a bit at random in the hope of guessing the right command to use in order to get to the end of the path without problems.

OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone (DLC) review, discovering Radlandis!

… I guess not… | OlliOlli World review: Finding the Flowzone (DLC)

It’s not an impossible thing to do, we did it without too much effort, but we do not hide the fact that we had to repeat a section even more than ten times before reaching the solution of the riddle. In all this, the various checkpoints scattered throughout the levels help, avoiding making the experience frustrating. So even if the DLC is accessible well from before we still recommend that you start it once you have finished the main story.

The various levels of Finding the Flowzone follow, as the name suggests, their flow even in terms of difficulty. Of course if you decide to start the DLC right away you will notice a significant surge, at least if you want to complete the level 100% with all the extra paths and so on. If, on the other hand, you start at the end of the game, you will have accumulated enough skills and dexterity to allow you to tackle the new levels without too many problems, which is what the base game wants to bring to the public: a fast-scrolling and lively platformer, but not frustrating.

OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone (DLC) review, discovering Radlandis!

So, in conclusion … are we leaving or not?

To end this review of the OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone DLC, we can candidly say that we had a lot of fun getting back on our Skateboard in this latest adventure by the Roll7 guys, who at the moment have no other plans to further expand OlliOlli Word, and we finished all the DLC (completing it 100%) in about 6 hours, longevity more than fair for the price at which it is presented to the public (€ 9.99). It goes without saying that to play the DLC you will need the base game OlliOlli World. In addition to the new explorable zone, Finding the Flowzone will donate cosmetics to the player for further customization of their Player Avatar.

OlliOlli World is currently available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Let us know if you have played it below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

Points in favor

  • Wonderful graphics and audio
  • Longevity appropriate to the cost
  • Solid gameplay as always: simple to learn, difficult to master …

Points against

  • … but you’ll need the basics, which the DLC assumes you already have